100% Rainforest Organic Dark Chocolate Custom Recipe

Bulk 500lbs

100% Rainforest Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate is the secret to superb flavor. With the highest possible cocoa solids in a chocolate, this rare and exotic chocolate offers the unique taste of pure grown cacao.


*This is a sugar free chocolate with no sweetness - it is pure cacao with nothing else added so it tastes Bitter and Dark. This chocolate retains all of the cacao solids and is not reduced.

Ingredient: Organic unsweetened chocolate.

Organic unsweetened chocolate is 100% cacao with no additives.

Organic cacao dark chocolates are professional couverture chocolates with no sugar added. Our gourmet Rainforest chocolates give you ultimate versatility with a creative canvas you can craft sugar free chocolate truffle recipes and diabetic friendly cakes and brownies.  Smooth and of excellent flavor all of us here in the office have it on our desk and we eat it straight from the bag.

So bake your own homemade chocolate desserts with confidence knowing you have found the professional chocolate supplier. Officially your gourmet candy making recipes will be the best tasting and with the highest cocoa solids possible due to your new found secret chocolate maker of organic extra dark chocolate.

Pure Chocolate is a lot like coffee where it doesn't have it's own natural sweetness.  Most everyone likes coffee with some type of addition like milk or sugar, but a few love it dark and black. This same preference for dark and black goes for pure chocolate. The bitterness of pure cacao chocolate is the taste of 100% cacao essence with the cacao health benefits discovered in chocolate. If you have nutritional needs or seek a specific amount of pure cacao chocolate in your diet for a particular health reason, please speak with your doctor to get the proper medical direction.  As a side note, our professional sports team customers (NBA, NHL, MBA and NFL) generally have their players eat around 1.5 ounces of 100% dark chocolate a day. This roughly translates to 40 chocolate pieces. The team nutritionists like to have the players enjoy chocolate in recipes consumed throughout the day, very often mixed into smoothies like this recipe: 


If you would like a high cocoa solid chocolate with a touch of sweetness, consider mixing in equal parts of one of our organic dark chocolates like the 72% with organic pure cacao chocolate. Equal mixing will create an 86% cocoa solid chocolate in this example.

Organic 72%: https://www.santabarbarachocolate.com/bulk-organic-dark-chocolate-72-without-soy-lecithin/




100% Rainforest Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate is made from top quality Equatorial rainforest cocoa beans. Ground to a silky smooth texture and then turned into easy to eat chocolate pieces. This is our best selling cacao chocolate, 100% pure cacao and is famous for it's gourmet smooth flavor even though it has the highest cocoa solids available in a baking chocolate.

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