5 Ways to Kick Your Easter Baskets Up a Notch

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Make your own Easter basket

5 Ways to Kick Your Easter Baskets Up a Notch

One of the most enduring traditions of Easter is the basket, which is usually loaded to the brim with candy and chocolate. Of course, we always tend to focus on what’s inside the basket and often forget about the basket itself. There’s no reason why you should run to the craft store to buy pre-made Easter baskets. Making your own Easter basket is a great DIY project that your whole family can enjoy.

Make your basket edible

It’s like the bread bowl of the Easter world - the edible basket! How about making a basket out of rice krispie treats?

“Make an edible Easter basket by stashing treats in a rice cereal bowl. Make rice cereal treats according to the package, adding colorful sprinkles if desired. Press the warm treats against the inside of bowls covered in wax paper. Let cool, and remove once hardened,” explains HGTV.

Make your basket out of actual boxes of candy

You can also use actual boxes of chocolate and candy to form your basket. Glue boxes of Peeps together, leaving room in the center for extra goodies. There’s really no wasted effort here - it’s candy, wrapped in candy, surrounded by candy.

Make your baskets on the cheap

Who says making an Easter basket has to be expensive? You can make one for pennies on the dollar using the bottom of a 2-liter soda bottle. Just cut the bottle off a few inches from the bottom, wrap some painter's tape across the sharp edge, punch two holes on either side of the lip, and use a pipe cleaner for the handle.

Another idea is to use washed-out Chinese takeout boxes. Color them, draw stencils on them, and apply stickers to fancy them up. If you really want to go with the theme, you can dip fortune cookies in pastel-colored white chocolate to fill up your takeout Easter baskets.

Make a paper flower basket

All you need here is a small terra cotta pot, some downloadable 3D flower templates, some ribbon, and a little bit of craftiness. Using the 3D templates, cut your flowers and form - origami style. Affix the flowers all over the terra cotta pot with a hot glue gun. If you want to make a handle, you might need to drill holes and attach a pipe cleaner, long segment of plastic, or some other material. If your kids are helping you with this project, it’s important to teach them proper safety when it comes to the glue gun and power drill.

Use a toy for a basket

This is particularly relevant if you’re making a toy-themed basket instead of a candy-themed one. If you’re making the basket for a baby or a child with dietary restrictions, this might be the best way to go.

“If you don’t really want to give your baby candy, why not simply create a basket from a larger toy and fill it with other toys? A plastic truck or pink car (for girls) will be great for creating a little basket for baby. Just choose a toy that is age appropriate and fill with things that your baby needs,” suggests diyncrafts.com.

There’s no reason your basket game has to be boring. When thinking about DIY Easter crafts this holiday season, don’t forget to consider making this Easter staple yourself.

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