Organic Food The New Trend

Organic Food The New Trend

Posted by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 9th Feb 2017

A New Trend for a New Generation

Millennials are amongst the most influential buyers in today’s market. What they want will, most likely, become a trend. Few examples are as strong and widespread as organic. Organic foods have been on the rise over the years because millennials want it. They see the benefits and advantages, they see the difference between GMO and non-GMO, and they see the change they can make. The push forward has allowed retailers to sell large selections of organic foods at affordable prices, rivaling or beating the standard options. Wherever you live, organic is a viable option to you because of this trend.

A Change for the Better

For a long time, people were unaware of the negative impact that GMO foods could have. There was this idea that food is food, so why is it bad? This thought led people to blindly accepting GMO foods when, in reality, there were some major concerns with it. These concerns have become known to the public in recent years, leading to confusion and questions. One group has become the front of the movement to reject GMO foods, substituting in organic – millennials. They have accepted and increased the demand for organic foods on a widespread scale. It is their actions that have brought these foods to stores nearly everywhere.

They continue to purchase organic when possible. There has been no drop in demand over the years, with this trend staying strong. You cannot say that about a lot of other trends out there. Few stay as strong and as popular as organic foods. There is a good reason for this – the health and environment. Most trends become trends out of desire; organic foods have become a trend out of necessity. This is not something that you can make happen often, but it is here to stay.

All Types

Organic foods extend beyond fruits, vegetables, and animal products. You can find organic versions of all of these, yes, but that is not all. Organic chocolate is a popular option amongst consumers, offering greater flavor and depth than the standard options. Cereal, chips, juice, and nearly everything else you can find has an organic alternative. The best part is that you can find these everywhere. You can go down to a local store and pick up some organic chocolate without having to do much effort.

All of these options have become popular for a few reasons. There is the health and environment aspect of it along with the improved flavor. Organic chocolate is a perfect example. It has fewer ingredients and the ingredients used are better. This creates a flavor that you simply cannot get with non-organic options. People adore it endlessly for that reason.

A Growing Market

Organic foods remain on the rise. As millennials continue to buy organic, and continue to praise its advantages and benefits, it will not go away anytime soon. It will continue to attract the attention and support of consumers from all over because it is the better option on nearly every level.

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