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Cordial Cherries are one of the Best Chocolate Fruit Choices as a Gourmet Gift or in bulk. FRESH CHOCOLATE CHERRIES ARE SOLD IN A BULK 20LB CASE (4 BOXES X 5LB EACH BOX = 1 CASE).

Dark Chocolate Cordial Cherries are better than other chocolate dipped fruit because a cordial is much more than a chocolate dipped cherry. A cordial cherry by Santa Barbara Chocolate is a fresh red cherry, glacéd and floating in a cherry juice liquid filling, encased in gourmet dark chocolate. Each bite is more than fruit and chocolate, but rather a rich plump cherry, bursting with sweetness and flavor. This is a sumptuous tasting experience.

Cordial Cherries is Temporarily unavailable. Please see our Chocolate Gifts selection for more options.

Is there alcohol in cordial cherries?

No alcohol spirits are added to the liquid centers of our cordial cherries. This is a classic dark chocolate cherry where we use a time honored recipe requiring a 30 day aging process to become the gem of all cherry gifts. The liquid cherry centers actually start out as a solid cherry fondant that had been starch molded. The solid center is run through or dark chocolate enrobing line and then the cherries are stored in a specialty cool room. As the cordial cherries rest safely stored in the cool room, the solid cherry center encased in chocolate becomes liquid. This transformation of the inside cherry liquid is a magical step that contributes significantly to the over all luscious eating experience. From start to finish it takes about 30 days to make gourmet cordial cherries.

Cordial cherries are a great gift box option year round

How To Eat Cherry Chocolates Successfully in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Pop the whole chocolate cherry in your mouth because they are liquid filled gems.
  2. Don't bite right away, let them start to melt...
  3. Once melting in your mouth, bite and eat them up. Oh wow, these are awesome and way better than any other.

How to Justify Buying Cherry Chocolates to Anyone Who Asks:

  • Cherry Chocolates Alleviate Stress.
  • They Have Fruit Inside
  • The Chocolate! Oh My Gosh.
  • Cherries Are Romantic.

Approximately 14 Large DARK CHOCOLATE Cordial Cherries = Net Wt. 16 oz.

****Handmade cordial cherries will crack and leak the cherry juice sometimes. This is normal and a natural part of handmade chocolates with imperfection and irregularity.

What do Cordial Cherries offer as a Chocolate Experience? The gift box the cherry chocolates are hand packed in feels medium heavy and rigid and is a decent size box feeling like a good value. It is packed with a lot of cherries (about 20 cherries) in a gift box when compared to other brands on the market. The dark chocolate cherries packed inside are clearly hand made and each is larger than the typical machine made cherry types. The dark chocolate cherries have some small imperfections due to their handmade nature. The gourmet chocolate covering the cherry center is real dark chocolate without wax - you can taste the difference. As you pull the cherries from their glassine paper cups, some will stick with a little cherry fluid that leaked from the base - this is how you can tell each cherry is handmade and not machine made. The cherry liquid centers taste like sweet cherry juice, this is much more different than the usual cordial cherry you find at the store (those store cherries are filled with white sugar fondant - not Santa Barbara Chocolate cherries). The crunch of the chocolate shell and the sweet cherry juice give way to the candied cherry in the center. The candied cherry is bright red, has cherry flavor similar to a cross between a morello cherry and a maraschino cherry. The cherry texture is slightly chewy. Each cherry is a package of flavor and the gift box as a whole offers a true cherry experience.  Be warned, the cherries can leak their inside liquid, but this is a characteristic of handmade chocolate confectionery. The bottom line result however, is a cherry cordial tasting experience better than the others on the market. If you seek plastic perfection, these cherries are not yours to buy. But if you seek flavor and value and like the idea of homemade style hand dipped cherry chocolates which are full of flavor with bright, chewy, sweet cherries with imperfections in appearance, this is the right gift box for you.

20LB CASE (4 BOXES X 5LB PER BOX): Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordial Ingredients: Semisweet Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate processed with Alkali, Cocoa Butter, Milkfat, Soy Lecithin - emulsifier, Milk, Natural and Artificial Flavors), Sugar, Cherries, Corn Syrup Solids, Water, Corn Syrup, Palm Kernel Oil, Invert Sugar, Cocoa processed with Alkali, Cocoa, Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Invertase, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Citric Acid, Soy Lecithin - emulsifier, Sodium Benzoate - preservative, Potassium Sorbate - preservative, Color added including Red 40, Sulfur Dioxide - preservative.
Contains: Milk and Soy. May Contain Egg, Peanut, Tree Nuts and Wheat.

*Please Note: Due to changes in barometric pressure during transit, some cracking or cherry liquid seepage may occur with these chocolates and this is normal. There are no returns or refunds due to cracked, leaking or broken cherries.

Warranty Information

Sold as bulk. Cordial cherries have a liquid center and may leak. Because each cherry chocolate is made by hand, the size of each piece will vary depending on the cherry inside the chocolate and the chocolatier's dipping technique. Hand made chocolates are made with love and attention to detail but may not be consistent in size and shape. Handmade chocolate cordials made in this traditional method may leak cherry juice.

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