Rio Tigre White Chocolate Couverture

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Wholesale white chocolate made with pure prime pressed cocoa butter is not too sweet and of excellent quality.  A true white chocolate couverture that is easy to temper and a delight to eat will impress all who long for a great chocolate.


White Chocolate Couverture is some of the best chocolate because we use pure cocoa butter and quality milk. Our Rio Tigre recipe is a premium white chocolate couverture with a fluid viscosity, balanced sweetness and milky finish.

  1. White chocolate couverture
  2. Pure cocoa butter ingredient
  3. Easy to temper white chocolate
  4. Excellent viscosity when melted

The Rio Tigre Valley of NorthEastern Peru has some of the most rare cocoa beans in the world. Here at the headlands of where the mighty Amazon River begins and flows East into the thick jungles of Brazil, the lucky explorer can experience true chocolate. The original chocolate. Made from exceptional quality Grade AA cocoa butter and the best milk, Rio Tigre White chocolate is unsurpassed in flavor and quality paying tribute to the taste of Peru and its rich chocolate heritage.

Pure prime pressed cocoa butter is the ingredient that makes our white chocolate the best white chocolate. The cocoa bean when pressed will provide cocoa butter and cocoa fiber as the two ingredients.  The cocoa butter mixed with sugar and milk will make white chocolate. The cocoa fiber if ground after pressing will offer cocoa powder. If the cocoa bean is not pressed but rather just ground, it will make chocolate liquor.  Real white chocolate is a cocoa product. Pure Cocoa butter (the type we use as an ingredient in making our Rio Tigre recipe) contains antioxidants and offers healthy fatty acids such as stearic acid and palmitic acid.

Santa Barbara Chocolate Is Ethical Trade Chocolate

White chocolate origin and history

White chocolate is a new culinary invention when compared to dark chocolate. White chocolate made its first appearance in Switzerland in 1930. A Swiss chocolate company looking to use cocoa butter resulting from pressing cocoa powder, launched the new white chocolate. Because of the smooth, creamy texture and milky flavor, white chocolate became very popular. You'll find our Rio Tigre White Chocolate to be true to the original Swiss chocolate recipe from 1930.

Making white chocolate

Unlike dark or milk chocolate, white chocolate does not contain cacao fiber, but rather cacao fat. Cacao fiber is the dark part of cocoa beans. White chocolate is an ingredient mix of cocoa butter, powdered or condensed milk, sugar and vanilla. The Food and Drug Administration in 2004 set the standards of white chocolate, having at least 20% cocoa butter, 15% milk powder and not more than 55% sweetener (commonly sugar). If these FDA standards aren't met, the white dessert is called white confection or white compound.

White chocolate benefits

  • Blends perfectly with flavors like lavender, ice wine, plum, rose or blueberry.
  • Makes a wonderful contrast to dark chocolate, especially in cakes and desserts. 
  • Doesn't show bloom or oxidation so easily.
  • May have lower effect on our cholesterol unlike other desserts due to the cocoa butter content and stearic acid.
  • Lower in theobromine levels than dark chocolate.
  • Has little caffeine.
  • The perfect alternative for those looking for less bitter options than dark chocolate.
  • Has a good dose of calcium.

Easy white chocolate recipe below:

White Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


  • baking cocoa 
  • baking soda
  • butter
  • white sugar
  • brown sugar
  • vanilla extract
  • large eggs
  • 12 oz. of Rio Tigre White Chocolate

Methods of Preparation:

  • Preheat the oven to approximately 350F. 
  • Use a small bowl to combine the flour, cocoa, baking soda, and the salt
  • Mix and beat butter, white and brown sugar, and vanilla extract until creamy 
  • Add one egg at a time to the mixture, and after a while stir in white chocolate
  • Transfer the mixture onto un-greased baking sheet
  • Bake 11 minutes. 

Warranty Information

Rio Tigre wholesale white chocolate couverture is the highest quality white chocolate couverture available. A true gourmet chocolate that is easy to temper and recognized as the best white chocolate by our research panel of chocolatiers and bakers.

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  • 5

    Posted by Kate Wilson /My Pretty Little Pretzel on 15th Dec 2017

    Love, love love this white chocolate. Melts well, great taste and works for all my white chocolate confections.

  • 5
    Smooth white chocolate

    Posted by Amber on 5th Oct 2017

    I am normally a dark chocolate person, but this is delicious white chocolate. I've used it for ganache in truffles. Very smooth.

  • 5
    Quality White Chocolate

    Posted by Charmaine A. on 8th Aug 2017

    I purchased the Rio Tigre white chocolate to make into ganache. This is by far the best quality I've come across. The white chocolate itself is very smooth and creamy. And my clients rave about it as well. I look forward to purchasing again!

  • 5
    Just wow

    Posted by Vik Mat on 20th Apr 2017

    Got the 66 lb. couldn't really decide between this one or the Belgian but eventually went with rio tigre and I'm so fri king glad I did. This has got to be legitimately the BEST tasting white chocolate ive ever had. It's not crazy sweet rather it has a graceful balance of creaminess, smoothness, and sweetness.

    Also item shipped very quickly and I got it within a week. This is now my go to chocolate store

  • 5

    Posted by MaryLynne B. on 21st Jan 2017

    Wonderful chocolate , great customer service!

  • 5
    Rio Tigre White Chocolate

    Posted by maryann d. on 19th Jan 2017

    The texture was much softer then my previous order. After using a slightly lower temp, it tempered perfectly. And... OMG! THE FLAVOR! OMG! The Rio Tigre has an A-Mazing Luscious melt-in-your mouth-feel!!! I am not a white chocolate lover, but SB's Rio Tigre and belgium white has turned me into one!! I'm pretty sure the extra weight i've gained lately is due to the fact I can't stay away from the stuff!!! My customers also rave about it..... especially the ones who typically aren't fond of white chocolate, LOVE this!!!

  • 5
    If you like white chocolate...

    Posted by Kevin M. on 19th Jan 2017

    This white chocolate is excellent. I am a dark chocolate guy, and I have a small dark chocolate business (Night Flight - Artisan Dark Chocolate), so for me white chocolate is used in moderation with dark chocolate, mostly in ganache. That having been said, the Rio Tigre white chocolate is excellent. It has a great vanilla flavor and creamy texture. It also melts and tempers easily. As usual, Santa Barbara Chocolate has the best of the best.

  • 5
    chocolate callets

    Posted by Kathy M. on 19th Jan 2017

    I'm changing my source for bulk chocolate for tempering now that I have tried Santa Barbara! I make up to 40 kinds of fancy cookies for trays and boxes at Christmas and dip most of them. This chocolate melts much thinner than my previous brand. Love it!

  • 5
    Excellent Chocolate

    Posted by Jenna on 18th Jan 2017

    Excellent Chocolate
    We are really loving this chocolate! The quality is fantastic and the discs make it so versatile for creating confections. Now I'm kicking myself for not seeking out Santa Barbara Chocolate earlier. My family and friends want to know where I found your chocolate and I'm passing the word on.