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Monitoring Results: Heavy Metals

Oregon State University has done research on the subject and they have an excellent article worth reading so that you can see chocolate is of much lower concern than common vegetables at the grocery store.
Lead is a naturally occurring element in all soil. All plants contain some degree of lead. Root vegetables such as carrots, beets and potatoes contain higher levels of lead than non root vegetables.  Cacao is less likely to contain as much lead as root vegetables like potatoes because it is a fruit that grows on a tree. Please see below the full details.
mg/kg means ppm = parts per million   This is the measurement used for lead, cadmium and heavy metals analysis. Parts per million (ppm) is the way of measuring very small levels and concentrations of a heavy metal in chocolate.  So when you see this figure in conversions regarding the mass of chocolate it is equal mg/kg to ppm as 1:1.

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