About Us

Santa Barbara Chocolate – The Home Of Premium Professional Chocolate

Since 1992 we've been the trusted source for happy people just like you: the chocolate lover, the chocolate maker, chef and baker. Take your creative inspirations to the level of excellence. Our success is built upon quality and value. And your happiness is the measure of our success. Try our bulk dark chocolates and see why we have secretly been gaining customers world wide.

Chocolate lovers across the globe can now enjoy a one stop shop for the freshest and highest quality chocolate on the market. As a chocolate connoisseur the brand Santa Barbara Chocolate conjures up images of exceptional quality. A premium name that rolls around the tongue, bringing the finest quality of pure chocolate bliss to the taste buds.

High End Chocolate at Affordable Prices 


With over 120 years of combined experience we are proud to bring the finest sourced chocolate to the online market. We have formed close relationships with our partners around the globe to make buying high end chocolate brands at wholesale prices easy and affordable. Always fresh from the source, we have chocolates that you can count on day in and day out.

Quality Delivered On Time and in Perfect Condition

Here at Santa Barbara Chocolate we pride ourselves on sterling service when it comes to delivering pure quality professional chocolate and cocoa products. With representatives branching out in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Honolulu and London, our partners are helping to supply every corner of the globe with first class chocolate. Our suppliers, one or more, are fully accredited with HACCP, UTZ, USDA Organic, NOP Organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance. Santa Barbara Chocolate has formed close partnerships with FedEx and UPS.

An Award Winning Combination

When it comes to choosing a chocolate supplier you can trust, Santa Barbara Chocolate has the edge. Not only are we offering superior chocolate sourced from luxury brand companies but we've added our expertise at distribution: efficient delivery and competitive pricing makes for an award winning combination.

Chocolate to Ignite the Senses

One look at our product list will leave you in a dream as all your senses spark to life. Our range of chocolate is so diverse that even the fussiest taste buds will be charmed. Whether you are looking for rich, dark European chocolate classics or Brazilian cocoa chunks, new wave California truffles or Italian hazelnut paste we can make all your chocolate dreams come true.

Exceed Your Expectations

For the first time, confectionary chefs, chocolate box lovers, connoisseurs and dessert specialists can get excited about wholesale bulk chocolate online. Premium chocolate ingredients are waiting for you at the simple click of a button. You can enjoy the very best from some of the biggest and boldest names in the chocolate world and you can rest assured that your chocolate is in the very best hands. With first class distribution and transit policies, customer service that exceeds your expectations and competitive prices that will ignite your imagination, pure chocolate and fresh ingredients have never been so accessible.