Chocolate Events

Santa Barbara Chocolate Cacao Bar Brochure (PDF) Click this pdf link to learn about our famous Cacao Bar.


The Santa Barbara Chocolate Cacao Bar is a luxurious edible display showcasing all aspects in the world of chocolate from bean to bar and beyond.  

Knowledgeable “Chocolatier Docents” host the Cacao Bar to assist guests in understanding both the exotic and the traditional forms of chocolate they are seeing and tasting on their journey of discovery.

The Santa Barbara Chocolate Cacao Bar displays several botanical types of cacao pods (Criollo, Forastero and Trinatario) from which all the world’s chocolate is derived.

Presented in classic Mesoamerican style with a California flair, fragrant and colorful roasted cocoa “beans” and “nibs” can be seen and sampled.
In contrast to these raw forms of chocolate, we offer a tasting of high quality “couverture” (solid chocolate) from exotic locations around the world. For example, people love to compare the flavor nuances of the Indonesian dark chocolate vs. the Costa Rican dark chocolate or the Ghana milk chocolate vs. the Borneo milk chocolate. These “couvertures” also contain varying percentages of “cocoa solids” (the higher the percentage the darker the chocolate). There is even a robust 100% dark Ivory Coast for the adventurous.

The Chocolatier’s highest art form is the chocolate “truffle” - miniature masterpieces of flavor and color. Pure and exquisite fresh cream chocolate truffles will round out the Cacao Bar experience allowing guests to fully indulge to their heart's content.

The Santa Barbara Chocolate Cacao Bar is a sensual journey through all aspects of the chocolate world. It is an overflowing cornucopia of incredible aromas, flavors and indulgences for both the pallet and eye. An experience that leaves your guests with a lasting impression of well being.