Milk Chocolate

Bulk Milk Chocolate the Popularity of Satisfaction

Santa Barbara Chocolate knows your innermost chocolate desires. Yes, everyone says they love dark chocolate, but when nobody is looking - which chocolate do you secretly long for? That's right, milk chocolate… and not just any milk chocolate.

The key to making the perfect milk chocolate is skillfully combining cacao beans of exotic origin with quality milk and just a touch of sweetness. Our gourmet milk chocolates are certified Kosher and ready for your favorite recipes… or to satisfy your immediate chocolate desires.

So enjoy your discovery of gourmet milk chocolate and shop chocolate factory direct for wholesale bulk milk chocolate.

  • Dairy Free Chocolate that is plant base. Tastes like milk chocolate. Certified vegan and Kosher Parve. A real vegan milk chocolate to enjoy by those who want to eat a plant base, lactose free, milk free chocolate.

    Dairy Free Chocolate | Milk Chocolate Substitute

  • Milk Chocolate Chips by Santa Barbara Chocolate is the best milk chocolate available for coating truffles and tempering. Soy free milk chocolate.

    Milk Chocolate Chips - No Added Soy

  • Milk Compound Coating does not require tempering. It is a fast and easy to use coating perfect for chocolate making and dipping pastries and fruit.

    Brazilian Style Milk Compound Confectionery Coating

  • Milk Chocolate Couverture in the shape of Tabs. This unique shape is ideal for eating because they melt evenly and are easy to grab.  Great for wine tasting, baking or as an inclusion in granola and trail mix. Our milk chocolate tabs are a real chocolate couverture perfect for professional candy making.

    Milk Chocolate Couverture

  • Swiss Milk Chocolate made with real Alpine milk  is ideal for all candy making recipes and baking.  Taste and compare and you'll see why our chocolates are recognized award winning couvertures.

    Alpine Swiss Milk Chocolate

  • King of the Belgians Milk Chocolate Couverture is unlike any other Belgian chocolate.  We are using premium cocoa beans, top quality milk and no fillers.  This is the taste of real gourmet milk chocolate we make from a traditional Belgian chocolate recipe.

    Belgian Milk Chocolate Bulk Couverture