The Best Dark Chocolate

The Best Dark Chocolate the Fruit of the Rainforest 

Fresh dark chocolate is delivered to you by Santa Barbara Chocolate factory direct. You've heard about the health benefits of chocolate. Our specialty is bulk chocolate couverture and it will exceed your expectations. Ready to eat in wafers, you can discover for yourself the health benefits of organic dark chocolate. Unlike white chocolate, dark chocolate has both cocoa butter and cacao fiber which science has proven to have health benefits. The cacao fiber is the part of the cocoa bean where most antioxidants are found. This is why dark chocolate with high cocoa solids and thus cacao fiber, is considered healthy chocolate. We offer you the world of organic chocolates sourced from pristine rainforests. Our pure chocolate is more than candies. We make our couverture chocolate for the healthy California lifestyle. With USDA organic certification, Fairtrade Chocolate audits and Kosher certification, Santa Barbara Chocolate delivers flavor to USDA organic standards. Perfect eating from the package, home baking or manufacturing, Santa Barbara Chocolate sells the best dark chocolate in bulk wholesale packaging.