Chocolate Gifts

Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Organic chocolates, chocolate fruit and nuts, caramels and toffees along with our best selling decadently large fudge truffles all packed in the Santa Barbara Chocolate range of deluxe gift boxes. Each piece hand made using traditional chocolate making techniques, and with the added flair of the California chocolatier style, make these chocolates the best tasting around. Made daily in our artisan chocolate factory, these delightful little gems from Santa Barbara Chocolatier are delivered fresh to your door. 


  • Assorted chocolates neatly arranged in a 1 pound gift box is a gift that everyone enjoys. Some of the best chocolate available in a chocolate box, you or your gift recipient will see why this assortment is recognized as the smart choice when buying gourmet chocolates.

    Assorted Chocolates

  • Chocolate covered nuts and caramels in a gift box.

    California Chocolates

  • Sugar Free Candy in a gift box by Santa Barbara Chocolate

    Sugar Free Candy | Sugar Free Chocolate