Chocolatier - Jason Vishnefske

He is the Maitre Chocolatier and founder of the original Santa Barbara Chocolate Company which was established in 1992.

Jason's passion for fitness and love of cacao gave him the idea to combine California fresh ingredients that promote health and vigor with the highest quality, all natural, organic chocolate. By merging the high standards of European chocolate craftsmanship with a fresh and vibrant California lifestyle approach, Jason has helped elevate chocolate from a "junk food" to a healthy delicacy. is the source for quality bulk chocolates for home bakers and professional pastry chefs along with exquisite chocolate truffles for event planners and the bride to be. We've also created a traveling Cacao Bar, a lovely party presentation that is an interactive chocolate tasting experience with edible displays showcasing all aspects in the world of chocolate from bean to bar and beyond.

Jason Vishnefske