White Chocolate

Wholesale White Chocolate and Cocoa Butter 

Santa Barbara Chocolate Bulk White Chocolate is made using Pure Pressed Prime Grade AA Cocoa Butter, the highest quality cocoa butter available on the market. This level of purity is not common in the chocolate industry due to the manufacturing cost. 

Cocoa butter is a pale-yellow, edible cacao fat obtained from cocoa beans. The butter has a mild chocolate flavor and aroma. It is most commonly used in the manufacture of high quality chocolate confections, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Given the fat stability and melting characteristics, cocoa butter is fundamental in confectionery work as it remains solid at room temperature and melts just below body temperature. Cocoa Butter is superior to shea butter. Shea butter comes from arid regions and is extracted from a scrubby bush using chemicals while cocoa butter comes from the rainforest and is extracted using cold process pressing. Cocoa butter is safe for consumption and is a high quality fat that is considered perfect for cooking and chocolate making. Pure cocoa butter is the secret ingredient in real white chocolate and this is why real white chocolate tastes rich.

Cocoa Butter is what makes our White Chocolate Gourmet

Santa Barbara Chocolate Bulk White Chips are made with Pure Pressed Prime Grade AA Cocoa Butter, the highest quality cocoa butter available on the market. This level of purity is not common in the chocolate industry due to the manufacturing cost.



  • Belgian white chocolate chips are milky and smooth. Made using pure cocoa butter. King of the Belgians White chocolate showcases the subtle nuances of the best European white chocolate.

    Belgian White Chocolate Chips Couverture

  • Pure Cocoa Butter in chip shape for easy cooking and eating.

    Cocoa Butter Chips

  • Wholesale white chocolate wafers are made with pure prime pressed cocoa butter so it is not too sweet and of excellent quality.  A true white chocolate couverture that is easy to melt and temper, it is a delight to eat and will impress all who long for a great cocoa butter chocolate.

    Melting White Chocolate Wafers

  • Ruby Couverture is made from ruby cacao beans. Ruby is an intense sensorial delight and has a vibrant pink chocolate appearance. A balance between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.

    Ruby Couverture aka "Pink Chocolate"

  • White Compound commonly called white candy wafers is a confectionery coating for easy dipping of chocolate. The cocoa butter has been replaced with RSPO certified palm and so the compound tastes like white chocolate, technically it is not white chocolate because it has no cacao as an ingredient. The ingredients are based on palm, milk and cane sugar. The flavor can best be described as white fudge.

    Brazilian Style White Compound Confectionery Coating

  • White chocolate Couverture with extra cocoa butter is a very smooth melting confection.  The unique chocolate chunk like shape known as a Tab is based on years of chocolate research.

    White Chocolate Couverture

  • Cacao Butter is the main base ingredient of white chocolate. Cacao Butter is the pressed fat from cocoa beans. It is technically 100% cocoa solids without the brown fiber part, this is why it is a pale yellow white color. Cacao Butter is the same as cocoa butter. The Santa Barbara Chocolate version is vegan, GMO free and with a subtle flavor. Cacao Butter by Santa Barbara Chocolate is sold in a large block and made from 100% cacao fruit with no added fillers. Pure cocoa butter is edible and prized for the quality flavor and versatility in cooking recipes. Cocoa butter vs shea butter is a decision where cocoa butter is the smart choice because of moisturizing effects and how it is seen as being good for stretch marks.

    Raw Cacao Butter