White Chocolate

How to make White Chocolate

White chocolate is a cacao product that is made from cacao seeds. Roasted and winnowed cacao seeds are pressed till the natural cocoa butter (beige, creamy white cacao fat) is extracted (the process is much like olive oil pressing). Cocoa butter as it is pressed is collected into large blocks. The remaining part of the cacao seed after the cocoa butter is pressed out is low in fat and dark brown. This dark brown part is called cocoa cake (this is the part that is ground to make cocoa powder). The pressed cocoa butter which is in blocks is heated, filtered and blended with milk and sugar. The mixture is ground further so that it is smooth and creamy. During grinding (also known as conching) additional ingredients like vanilla or an emulsifier such as lecithin can be added. Lecithin enhances chocolate melt so it is more even and makes it easier to temper.  Once blended the white chocolate is tested for quality, heated, cooled and deposited into Santa Barbara Chocolate white chocolate chips. Real white chocolate will always have cocoa butter as a significant ingredient never less then 20%, and at least 14% milk. Because white chocolate contains cocoa butter it should be tempered if moulding. Tempering will allow the chocolate to set up with a shine and nice snap. Here is the FDA Definition of real White Chocolate which is what Santa Barbara Chocolate supplies.

Bulk White Chocolate

Santa Barbara Chocolate wholesale bulk chocolate starts with pure prime pressed rainforest cocoa butter - fresh and light with a smooth melt and brilliant shine. Perfect as a companion for flavorings, white chocolate allows delicate flavors like blueberry or champagne to come through. Splendid for coating with easy to use viscosity, consistent quality and great value are the reasons why professional chefs and chocolatiers love Santa Barbara Chocolates. You'll discover this is the white chocolate you've wanted to eat.