Dairy Free Chocolate | Milk Chocolate Substitute




Dairy free chocolate is a creamy alternative to traditional milk chocolate. The creamy taste comes from the addition of a smooth rice creamer which imparts a delicious authentic and rich milk chocolate flavor completely without dairy.

• No Soy

• Certified Vegan

• Certified Parve

• Gluten Free

Perfect for baking, fine candy making, smoothies, fondues or for those who simply love eating lactose free light chocolate. 

Commonly called a rice milk chocolate by our customers, it technically is not a milk chocolate since there are no milk ingredients. It is a completely plant base chocolate.

A little smaller than a dime, there are approximately 1200 pieces in a pound.

Dairy Free Chocolate Ingredients (Milk Chocolate like flavor): Sugar, cocoa butter, rice syrup powder, unsweetened chocolate, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin,  natural flavor and salt.



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Dairy Free Chocolate that tastes like milk chocolate. Vegan and plant base, this rice chocolate confection offers a creamy tasting experience.

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