Ethical Trade Chocolate Sourcing and Responsible Cocoa


Ethical Trade Statement

Some of our chocolate couvertures have been produced under the certified Responsible Cocoa audit program. Additionally we opt for cocoa beans or semi finished chocolate liquors certified under Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and Fair Trade Certifying agencies.  

Our chocolates are very often made from a blend of all of these certified cocoa beans and therefore we do not show any single logo on the packaging as it is a blend of all varieties. Our objective is to ensure responsible ethical trade chocolate.

The Responsible Cocoa program has shown it provides financial incentives for cocoa farmers who meet specific criteria as to financial transparency, product quality, farm safety, environment stewardship, as well as responsible labor practices. The program is the first of its kind and is a leading player in the sustainable development of the cocoa crop. 

Responsible sourcing practices brings value to cocoa farming communities and to you in quality, environmental awareness and in good will.


*This communication is intended to provide informal advice to Santa Barbara Chocolate customers upon their request. Our interpretation of the law does not represent a formal legal opinion, as we have not sought concurrence with the competent authorities. Customers are encouraged to consult with their own legal counsel.