100% Rainforest Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate has no added sugar and is merely finely ground cacao.  Works perfectly for making extra dark chocolate brownies or eating right from the bag for a robust cacao experience.

100% Rainforest Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate

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    100% Rainforest Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate is the secret to superb flavor. With the highest possible cocoa solids in a chocolate, this rare and exotic chocolate offers the unique taste of Hispaniola grown cacao.

    • 100% CACAO SOLIDS

    Ingredient: Organic Cocoa Mass

    Organic cacao dark chocolates are professional couverture chocolates with no sugar added. Our gourmet Rainforest chocolates give you ultimate versatility with a creative canvas you can craft sugar free chocolate truffle recipes and diabetic friendly cakes and brownies.  Smooth and of excellent flavor all of us here in the office have it on our desk and we eat it straight from the bag.

    So bake your own homemade chocolate desserts with confidence knowing you have found the professional chocolate supplier. Officially your gourmet candy making recipes will be the best tasting and with the highest cocoa solids possible due to your new found secret chocolate maker of organic extra dark chocolate.


    100% Rainforest Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate  Specification Sheet

    100% Rainforest Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate  Organic Certification

    Kosher Dark Organic Chocolate

    Chocolate Health Benefits


  • Product Reviews


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      Best chocolate every and healthy for you. Superior product!!! on 12th May 2017

    2. Rich Chocolately Punch!

      I was looking for an organic version of Ghirardelli's 100% cacao baking bar that had the same intense rich chocolate flavor that I love. The wafers were the same consistency and chopped and melted the same way which was very important for my recipes. Couldn't be happier as I couldn't tell the difference and it was absolutely delicious! Plus the service and the entire experience of working with Santa Barbara Chocolate was wonderful. Thank you! on 14th Apr 2017

    3. AMAZING!

      Perfection! fantastic flavor, fast shipping, perfect product. So far I have made scratch European drinking chocolate, buttercream frosting, and New York egg creams. on 13th Apr 2017

    4. Rich and smooth!

      i eat this when i enjoy my deep dark cap of coffee. I don't need sugar and milk in my coffee nor in my chocolate! on 11th Apr 2017


      Wanted an organic, unsweetened dark chocolate to make my own candy with, sweetened with xylitol. It works beautifully and melts down much smoother and thicker than any other chocolate I've purchased at other sites. So I'm here to stay!! on 7th Mar 2017

    6. Rainforest Cacao -- Excellent flavor and quality

      I am happy to give your 100% Rainforest Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate the highest rating. Excellent quality and flavor. Your service excellent, quick and efficient and I appreciate your using FedEx for delivery and your careful packing of the 22 lb order. on 22nd Feb 2017

    7. Rainforest Chocolate

      I bought this as a Christmas gift for my dad. He can't stop raving about it! He says it goes especially well with a cup of coffee. on 7th Feb 2017

    8. Awesome little chips!

      I had never tried your dark chocolate chips, but they were divine! on 28th Jan 2017

    9. First time 100% Rainforest Cacao Organic

      More bitter than I expected but I put it in my coffee and it gives it a deeper flavor (and I love it). At first I was wondering how I would eat 3lbs of this but it will go with the morning coffee and before I know it I will be reordering. on 21st Jan 2017

    10. Amazing!

      They shipped the chocolate with so much thought! Ice packs and all! I love it! Will definitely buy again on 21st Jan 2017

    11. Unsweetened Chocolate 100% Premium Cacao Medallions

      What more can I say? I have been using the unsweetened 100% Cacao Medallions for years for all my chocolate baking needs. In my opinion they are the best and I am constantly recommending them to others when asked for a baking chocolate recommendation. on 21st Jan 2017

    12. Fond a source again!!

      I ordered a sample of the baker's chocolate wafers. They are EXACTLY what I was looking for. Sugar adduces beware: the are NOT sweet. But, as I have said, they are just what I wanted and expected from the description. pl;an to order a 22 pond supply sometime in the winter to avoid melting in transit.
      on 20th Jan 2017

    13. Chocolate for ever

      I am from Spain but I lived in Saint-Pre Switzerland for several years. I thought Suisse chocolate was the only true chocolate to but you equaled their quality. Congratulations, you'v got me as a new customer. Glad I discovered your company Thank you. Bofill. on 20th Jan 2017

    14. awesome organic chocolate

      This review is for 100% Pure Cacao Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate and 100% Rainforest Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate. I like them both very much and actually eat them the way they are every day. I will definitely buy again. on 20th Jan 2017

    15. Bulk organic dark chocolate chips and 100% Rainforest cocoa.

      This is my first time ordering from this company and I'm thoroughly pleased. You can tell when your order arrives if a company truly cares about the product it's delivering. My package arrived and was packed beautifully with care and precision to protect the chocolate. That alone speaks volumes to me about the character of this company and their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They've earned a customer for life. The chocolate tastes great and comes in bulk, which I also appreciate since I'm doing a lot of baking. In my search for the finest, fair trade and most healthy chocolate on the market, Santa Barbara Chocolate was my choice, and I hit a home run! on 20th Jan 2017

    16. Yummmm!

      The rainforest soyless chocolate melts beautifully in the mouth and in the double boiler. Thank you! My chocolate desserts just became more! Kathleen on 20th Jan 2017

    17. Rainforest Cacao

      I am an avid lover of dark chocolate... the darker the better and I must say while it did take some time for my taste buds to adjust, I now am completely in love with it! A great organic treat! on 20th Jan 2017

    18. Excellent Rainforest Chocolate!

      This is the best chocolate I have ever had! And I'm a big Chocolate lover! It's Smooth, not bitter, Rich, and very tasty! Thank you for making such a great tasting 100% cacao, yum!! on 20th Jan 2017

    19. Great Chocolate Wafers!!

      These chocolate wafers are good even plain :) I like them with sweetened peanut butter on both sides for a dairy free easy treat :) Plan on making lots of fun chocolates with these :) on 20th Jan 2017

    20. 100% Rainforest Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate

      I have purchased the 22 lb size twice and I'm very happy with the purchases. It's a high quality product at a very reasonable price and I'll be back for more. From my experience, buy with confidence. on 19th Jan 2017

  • Warranty Information

    100% Rainforest Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate is made from top quality Equatorial rainforest cocoa beans. Ground to a silky smooth texture and then turned into easy to eat chocolate pieces. This is our best selling cacao chocolate, 100% pure cacao and is famous for it's gourmet smooth flavor even though it has the highest cocoa solids available in a baking chocolate.

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