A Chocolatier's Expert Opinion


What type of dark chocolate should I use for my baking? 

Our chocolate partners are full of valuable chocolaty information and facts. Here's a recomendation from the master chocolatier at Santa Barbara Chocolate company on the type of dark chocolate to choose for your baked goods.


A Chocolatier's Expert Opinion

Based on my chocolate experience, I recommend the following two extra dark chocolates for your baking needs:



   1) Belgian 72% Dark Chocolate

     A Classic Belgian flavor but of superior quality and experience: smooth and light rounded cocoa mild nuances of           fudge, floral and cinnamon. Using a custom grade AA formulation, we opt for only the highest quality cocoa                 ingredients unlike most Belgian chocolates on the market. All of our Belgian chocolates are have no added Gluten.







   2) Belgian 64% Dark Roast Chocolate

     Coffee like flavors of earthy dark roast cocoa dance in harmony with vanilla orchid. We selected high quality mildly        fermented cacao roasted at low temperature for a longer time to create a deep dark flavor. Natural cacao roasted        longer offers a smooth chocolate tasting experience much like a high quality dark roast coffee. 






Chocolatier's Preference

Between these 2 chocolates I find myself eating the darker types more often. I enjoy the complexity of the flavor profile and the slightly greater bitterness. Also, it is a very versatile chocolate in the kitchen, working beautifully in many baking recipes. Nonetheless, Belgian chocolates are popular with bakeries because they offer the unmistakable 'Made in Belgium' stamp (a sure success with customers) and the famous darker profile that many customers look for because of the flavor.