A Grateful Customer's Review

A Grateful Customer's Review

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Happy Chocolate Customers

Here at Santa Barbara Chocolate, we love to spread the word about our customers' chocolate happiness. Below is a heartfelt letter from a customer written to the master chocolatier:

"I just want to say thank you to you and the rest of your family at Santa Barbara Chocolate Company, for you guys have become an integral part of my family’s longstanding tradition of home-cooked meals.

My childhood and chocolate are completely intertwined. Without this sweet treat, my younger years would not have been as flavorful. When I was a kid I used to watch my Mom and Grandmother in the kitchen, spending quality time together, baking, laughing, sharing stories and finding pleasure in bringing happiness to our family. They bonded over preparing meals for birthdays, holidays, and Sunday family dinners. As a child, the activity naturally drew me into the kitchen, but it was the chocolate that enrobed me in their “secret” world.

My Grandmother started the tradition of baking desserts for every special occasion (rather than going to the store and buying prepackaged treats). She sprinkled love into each cake, cookie, brownie, and pie that she baked. She used only the best ingredients. No shortcuts. This included using real cocoa in her desserts. She really made the best. I can still taste the difference between desserts from a package and from Grandma. I am not just saying this because she’s my Grandma, but in her desserts, you could taste the authenticity.

Recently, I decided to give Santa Barbara Chocolate a try. I am very impressed! I love that you believe in what my Grandmother always believed in: that real ingredients are the key to delicious food. I ordered the Manjo Dark Chocolate to use in Grandmother’s recipe (Triple Layer Dark Chocolate Cake, absolutely delicious) for my daughter’s birthday. We didn’t think Grandma’s recipes could be improved, but using your chocolate rounded out the flavors and brought the taste to a whole new level! I am so happy to have found a company just as devoted to chocolate as my family. We know that eating chocolate is more than just food; it brings us closer together. My daughter will soon be joining three generations of women in the kitchen, and she will learn that using real chocolate is like sprinkling love into each cake, cookie, brownie, and pie that we bake. You can have pride in knowing that we are now loyal customers, and we look forward to trying other products in the near future!


Jamie "