Chocolate and Savory Recipe Ideas

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Chocolate and Savory Recipes

For those who have a sweet tooth, chocolate is the ultimate treat. We are all use to ordering chocolate inspired desserts, chocolate cakes, mousses, ice-cream, cookies and so much more. However there is a whole other side to the wonderful world of chocolate that is little explored. Sweet and savory has always been the perfect combination when done right and chocolate can lift a savory dish to a whole new level. Check out these innovative and exciting ideas for combining chocolate with all things savory.

Chocolate Barbeque Sauce

When simmer is sweltering and you want to have something sizzling on the barbeque why not boost your grilled meat selection with a delectable smoky chocolate barbeque sauce.  Barbeque sauce is slightly sweet, slightly smoky and utterly seductive and tastes even better when you add a hint of deep, dark and dramatic Santa Barbara Brazilian Dark Chocolate. Smother on ribs, meatloaf and any grilled meat you have in mind.

Chocolate and Chili Stew

When those cold nights draw in why not cook up something heartwarming on the stove. Inspired by the spice of Mexico you can make a simple chili and chocolate stew brimming with soft chunks of meat and tender vegetables. Mix a little melted dark chocolate with piquant chilies and watch this dish come alive!

White Chocolate Baba Ghannouj

This is one of the most exhilarating dishes you can try! The Middle Eastern delight of baba ghannouj is stepped up a notch to combine the traditional smoky eggplant and garlic flavor with a hint of creamy and white Santa Barbara Belgian Chocolate. Blending a little white chocolate with the tahini and a hint of paprika will bring out a beautiful nutty texture and taste to the delicious dip which goes perfect with pitta bread and crunchy vegetables.

Chocolate Salad Dressing

These two worlds rarely combine but you can give that health food a splash of naughtiness with this rich and evocative chocolate dressing. This is the perfect dressing to drizzle over baby spinach and goat cheese salad or even a rocket and raspberry salad. Simply make a traditional balsamic salad dressing and spice up with a couple of teaspoons of pure cacao. For extra special results use raspberry balsamic for an extra sweet treat.

Savory Chocolate Bread

Create something wonderful to add to the dinner table with a delectable zucchini and chocolate loaf of bread. Grated zucchini and a hint of honey really bind this bread together to give it a wonderful texture that holds like a dream. Choose Santa Barbara semi sweet chocolate chips to add to the mixture and watch this bread rise to success. Nothing is more delicious then some sea slated butter spread lavishly over a slice of this daringly dark and totally delicious bread that will have the whole family craving more.