Organic White Chocolate Couverture

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The best white chocolate for melting and dipping is an organic couverture made from fresh-pressed Amazonas cacao. It will help you  take your baking and confectionery projects to a new level, amazing your customers with the taste and ensuring they come back for more, again and again.

Our white chocolate couverture melts smoothly, releasing the authentic flavor nuances of pure organic cacao fat (cacao butter). Organic whole milk, organic cane sugar, and organic natural vanilla powder all in a smooth texture and harmonized  exotic flavor.


Cocoa butter used to produce white chocolate is the pale-yellow fat derived from cocoa beans. The premium and fresh cocoa butter Santa Barbara Chocolate uses has a mild chocolate aroma and taste which makes it possible to create outstanding couverture.  Perfect for home baking as well as in luxurious bakeries and confectionaries, this is the gourmet white chocolate choice.

Our best white chocolate couverture is produced with the use of Pure Pressed Prime Grade AA Cocoa Butter - the most excellent cocoa butter you can find on the market. As the manufacturing process, in this case, is quite expensive, a product with such a high level of purity is rarely used in the chocolate industry.

Warranty Information

By choosing our product, you can be sure that you will receive 100% organic couverture. White chocolate made by our company is a real gourmet couverture, with added cocoa butter to offer a higher gloss and shine when tempered with a perfect snap. It is the best white chocolate for dipping and melting!


Organic White Chocolate Couverture is a gourmet chocolate perfect for melting and dipping. A real couverture with added cocoa butter to offer a higher gloss and shine when tempered with a perfect snap.