Chocolate Blitz in Biarritz!

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Chocolate Blitz in Biarritz!

On the South West corner of France along the Atlantic coast and at the boarder of Spain is the seaside getaway of  Biarritz France. Set in the culturally unique section of France known as The Basque Country,Biarritz has become renowned as a vacation spot for European royalty. The wife of Napoleon III built a beautiful palace on the beach which is now a hotel and a favorite summer time vacation spot for The British Royal Family.

The really good news is  Biarritz is a chocolate lover's paradise. There are many several small artisan chocolate shops nestled along the winding streets all within walking distance. You can't go wrong because they are all good choices but I've picked a few of my top favorites that I think you'll for sure enjoy.

I stayed at the  SAS Radisson which was very comfortable and conveniently located. It is within walking distance of all the chocolate shops and the chocolate museum!

Just a quick FYI as far as enjoying your meals while in France: In the USA I prefer my steaks cooked medium. Here in  Biarritz "medium" means raw basically. I ordered a beautiful plate of "canard" (duck) at a lovely top rated restaurant while in Biarritz. The duck was delivered slightly grilled and still very much raw on the inside. I asked to have it cooked more and the chef insisted I was destroying his creation by making this request. After a bit of debate the chef reluctantly agreed and cooked the duck a bit more which I liked and would be considered perfect by most American's perspectives - especially when dealing with fowl.