Did the chocolate change from last year?

Did the chocolate change from last year?

Published by Valued Customer on 3rd Sep 2022

A letter from one of our loyal long time customers:

Dear Jason,

Thank you so much for the "extra" bag of dark chocolate dipping chocolate. I finally got around to ordering again. My life has been just a bit hectic this last year.

I also want to let you know that I think the Rainforest Organic Dark Chocolate is absolutely awesome! I think it's my favorite so far of all the chocolate types I have tried.

I wish you continued success in your business. It is truly a pleasure to do business with Santa Barbara Chocolate Company.

Thank you again

Hi J,

Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful letter.  Matt and I spoke about your thoughtfulness today and we really appreciate how nice you are and that you took the time to write. 

The certified organic cocoa beans we bought from Central America are very special this season.  We really do buy only the best cacao and then have it mixed in a way we think accentuates the positive characteristics. Sometimes our chocolates change in flavor due to cocoa crop variation but the chocolate is always good. This season we found some rare cacao with distinct flavors and we gambled that our customers would enjoy trying this unique flavor experience. It is a lot like wine making with blending for each season to make a new tasty type.  

All the best,