Eating Dark Chocolate

Eating Dark Chocolate

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 4th Sep 2022

Eating Dark Chocolate


Possible Health Benefits Of Chocolate Consumption?

One of the most popular foods in the whole world is certainly chocolate. It is not consumed only in the modern days, but it was also cherished and extremely important in ancient times, especially by the Mayas and Aztecs. Today, whenever we want to eat something sweet and tasty, we always and inevitably choose chocolate. Hence, it is simply impossible to live without it. We buy chocolate for various occasions, to satisfy our sweet tooth, to drown our sorrows, to surprise someone we love, or just to cheer someone up.

Decades ago, people used to say that chocolate is unhealthy. However, various new studies have been conducted, and we can proudly say that chocolate can be considered among other superfoods which largely contribute to our overall health state.

The sweet, rich and delicious superfood is good for more than just curing a broken heart, and its 'secret' ingredient is, of course, cacao. Chocolate has healthy biochemicals like theobromine and flavonoids, and scientists say these biochemicals are an important part of disease prevention. However, should you wish to achieve more of chocolate health benefits, experts advise you to consume dark chocolate.

So consuming chocolate could help us in having a healthier heart, great blood circulation, and excellent brain functioning among other possible benefits. In order to better understand the ways in which chocolate may contribute to our overall health state, we provide you with a short list of the health benefits related to chocolate consumption.

Blood Circulation Could Be Improved By Regular Chocolate Intake

Chocolate with high cocoa content is said to improve blood circulation, and if so your cardiovascular system will work better. The main reason for a benefit like this one is the quantity of flavonoids found in cacao. These are also found in plants and fruits that are excellent for blood circulation.

A Lot Of Chocolate - Healthier Heart Likely

It has been argued that dark chocolate, along with its healthy ingredients, is a great antioxidant. One Swedish study that included 31,000 women goes in favor of the claim that chocolate is indeed good for us. The study states that chocolate reduces the risk of heart failure and women who ate at least one serving of dark chocolate on a weekly basis reduced the risk of a heart attack by one-third.

Another research conducted in Germany has positive results, claiming that eating a square of dark chocolate every day will eliminate the risk of stroke and heart attack by 39%.

Experts reveal that a combination of chocolate and exercise is advisable, especially with overweight people. So eat chocolate and then have regular workouts, the chocolate will probably reduce blood-pressure.

Weight Loss And Chocolate - Right?

Although chocolate is sweet, it if a darker variety, actually helps you lose weight instead of putting on extra pounds according to some research. People who are struggling should particularly try dark chocolate on their everyday menu. Namely, chocolate will give you a sense of being full, so you will not have a huge desire for other sweets, fatty or salty food. That means you will eat less and not as often as you would normally do, thus lowering the level of food intake is the goal. Of course, this does not mean you should eat a half a pound of chocolate a day. On the contrary, a small wafer or medallion of it will do the job perfectly. Therefore, next time you decide to have an extensive meal, eat a piece of dark chocolate some 20 minutes before taking your place at the table. You will see results and won't have stress of standing on the scale.

Reducing Stress With The Help Of Chocolate

Well, we don't have to find some super scientific arguments for this benefit, right? Everybody is happy while eating chocolate no matter if old or young. But the scientists have now confirmed that chocolate really makes us feel better. More specifically, it contains a chemical called PEA (Phenethylamine) which helps reduce stress as well as lift up your general mood. Our brain is also creating the same chemical, which encourages various hormones responsible for our state of mind. But there is a catch, of course. Although chocolate will help you feel significantly better, it should not be an excuse to eat an entire pound a day. No matter how much you eat, the results will be the same, so a small wafer of chocolate will be as efficient as a pound of it. Hence, eat it moderately to reach the optimum state. So next time you feel down, don't rush for a bowl of ice cream, just take a piece of chocolate as it will do you better since it is more efficient and significantly healthier.

Chocolate And Cough Relief In Research

The truth is that chocolate can be used as an efficient cure for various health conditions. One condition we all have experiences is a cough. Continuous coughing from a mild cold can really be an annoying and very unpleasant experience. It makes your things miserable and it can even be quite painful too. For that reason, a few studies have shown that chocolate can make coughing quieter or even make it disappear. Chocolate contains a well-known substance called theobromine whose main purpose is to make you feel better. But it seems that lifting up your mood is not the only effect this chemical offers since it also has the same properties as codeine, used for making coughs quiet. The biggest difference between the two is that codeine has no yummy taste, unlike chocolate which is absolutely delicious.

Improving Your Brain Functions Based on Studies

Studies suggest chocolate can make you smarter. Well, it may not directly influence your intelligence but will surely give a much-needed boost to your brain, especially while working hard. Next time when you are at work, having troubles with various projects, just take a small break and have a piece of chocolate. Not only will it make you feel much better, it will also give you the required brain power. Namely, chocolate has flavanols, which will help stream the blood to key parts of your brain. The effect can last for a few hours which could be the boost you need to finish the brain teaser activities you started. You can finish the rest the next day, right? Flavanols will raise your performance with some studies showing that they will have long term positive effects. Chocolate flavanols can help you preserve your memory and it seems they can also help in treating some brain injuries. Chocolate has anti-inflammatory properties which improves the healing process in cases like concussion.

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