Exporting California Chocolates to the World

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Santa Barbara Chocolate: Exporting California to the World.

California Chocolates Fruit and Nuts


To experience the taste of high quality handmade chocolates, the best bet is the California Chocolate Nuts and Fruit Gift Box known as The California Collection.

Santa Barbara, CA, September 10, 2016 ( - The love of chocolate is universal and in the traditional chocolate capitals of the world people are asking for a taste of California chocolate.

Chocolate lovers across the globe agree that Santa Barbara Chocolate is the brand to trust for exceptionally delicious chocolates. With a global reputation for combining high quality gourmet American chocolate with ingredients like crunchy butter toffees and soft caramel, markets traditionally known for their own chocolate are grabbing the new American flavor.

The California Collection by Santa Barbara Chocolate takes gourmet chocolate to a higher level but with American expertise. The California Collection is a gourmet chocolate assortment of freshly roasted California nuts and dried fruit all hand dipped in gourmet chocolate with American flavor. Traditional European chocolates used in making confections are made from cocoa beans grown in Africa and are processed in such a way the chocolate has no high or low notes but rather a pronounced middle range of classic cocoa. American chocolate, and more specifically California chocolate, is made from cocoa beans grown in South America and the Caribbean. The cocoa beans have more pronounced fruity notes along with traditional cocoa flavors. In fact one cocoa bean variety Santa Barbara Chocolate uses comes from the Amazonian headlands and the cocoa beans have a strong macadamia like flavor. The chocolate itself is minimally processed and raw cocoa butter that has not been filtered is used. All in all, the chocolate satisfies the traditionalist while offering just enough excitement to inspire the real foodie.

What makes the California Collection and the individual chocolate pieces a cut above others is the unique way it is hand made. The traditional American chocolate making technique of adding sugar to unsweetened pure cacao chocolate is the secret behind a completely different and yummy flavor. The assortment includes California walnuts and almonds for a cornucopia of Pacific Coast flavor! Fruits like cranberries and raisins are also coated with uniquely American chocolate. Using the craft of a professional chocolatier, Santa Barbara Chocolate hand dips each chocolate cluster. Needless to say, hand made chocolates are far better in taste and quality than those made with machines in mass production facilities. It takes extra effort to make chocolates like this, but chocolate lovers the world over, including many celebrities and Fortune 100 companies, love the result and buy gifts to impress.

Santa Barbara Chocolate is proud to bring the best of the farm to table philosophy in the California Collection. The chocolates are packed for beautiful presentation. These gift boxes make the perfect choice for an individual or company who wants to give an extraordinary gift. Customers all over the world, even in Belgium and Switzerland, which have well-established chocolate traditions, agree, Santa Barbara Chocolate has a worldwide reputation in sharing a taste of America and the bountiful California crop with the rest of the world.

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The California Collection Chocolate Nuts and Fruit Gift Box is produced and launched globally by the renowned Santa Barbara Chocolate brand.

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