Facts About Chocolate

Facts About Chocolate

Posted by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 1st Oct 2017

Top Facts that you Didn’t Know About the Humble Chocolate Bar

Stop the press! Did you know that rather than making you feel guilty, the occasional chocolate bar could make you more intelligent? At the same time, did you know that as well as once regarded as the literal food of the Gods, milk chocolate has been used in everything from high profile bank robberies to state-sponsored assassination attempts?

So here are the 5 Top Facts About Chocolate:

1) Why Milk Chocolate is one of the most Interesting Foods in the World

We all love indulging at our local chocolate shop every once in a while. However, at Santa Barbara Chocolate, we know that there is much more to the humble chocolate bar than just moorish flavor and mouthwatering chocolatey goodness. This being the case, we’ve compiled a list of interesting facts about chocolate which are guaranteed to take your appreciation of your next chocolate bar to a whole new level.

2) Science Proves that Milk Chocolate makes People Happy

Bad break up? Hard day at work? If so, don’t think that reaching for a milk chocolate treat (or two) is purely about comfort eating. Science has proved, after all, that tryptophan in chocolate can and does lead to elevated levels of endorphins and serotonin in the brain which have a direct influence on how happy we feel at any given moment.

3) Milk Chocolate has been Used in State Sponsored Assassination Attempts

Thanks to the FDA (and the USDA organic chocolate provided by the likes of us at Santa Barbara Chocolate), you can be assured that a chocolate bar is very safe to eat. During WWII, however, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was almost killed by a chocolate bar, after Nazi plotters attempted to rig a bar to explode after learning of the British PM’s fondness for milk chocolate and other confectionary items.

4) Milk Chocolate has been used (Successfully) in Bank Robberies

Do you find it hard to resist the offer of free milk chocolate treats offered by friends and new acquaintances? If so, imagine how bad you would feel if accepting such a treat while at work lead to your employer losing an eye-watering $27 million!

Strange as it sounds, the above actually happened in 2007, when jewel thieves in Antwerp managed to steal $27 million in precious jewels, after distracting security guards with offers of free chocolate.

5) Chocolate can make People more Intelligent

If you love snacking on the occasional chocolate bar, you probably love hearing news regarding different chocolate health benefits. Did you know, however, that there is a very real correlation between the countries in the world which consume the most chocolate and those which also produce the most Nobel Laureates?

Start your own Milk Chocolate Adventure with Santa Barbara Chocolate Today

Because chocolate is without a doubt one of the most interesting foods in the world, you should never feel guilty about snacking on a chocolate bar ever again. Even better, at Santa Barbara Chocolate, we sell only the most high-quality chocolate from all around the world. This being the case, next time you do indulge, make sure to do so with milk chocolate made by experts such as ourselves, who really do know more than a little about real life Chocolatology.