Fair Trade Chocolate

Fair Trade Chocolate

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Fair Trade Chocolate Our cacao bean policy of always buying Ethical Trade.

Buy from the reputable wholesale source and be safe knowing you are doing the right thing.

We pay more for our raw materials then other companies and opt to buy from several sources of certified supply. We have purchased from Fair Trade certified brokers along with UTZ, RFA and Equitable Trade partners. All of our chocolates utilize cacao from a broker or supplier that has one of these certifications. One of the most transparent organizations we have discovered is Equitable Trade and we feel very secure with using their certified cacao in our couverture blends.

Some of our delicious delights:

Couverture Belgian Milk Chocolate

Dark chocolate chips

Vegan Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Liquor

Unsweetened Chocolate