My Fair Trade Lady

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

COCOMAYA of London

There is a new way of thinking toward chocolate in London.

On a cute and culturally diverse side street near the Speaker's Corner area of Hyde Park, the people of COCOMAYA chocolate shop are dedicated to a higher level of "ethical meets whimsical." 

Billed as "London's finest luxury chocolate shop" when we first saw the sign "Cocomaya" we immediately thought of our friend back home in the states: Maya Schoop - Rutten of Chocolate Maya Santa Barbara a retailer.

Like Chocolate Maya of Santa Barbara, COCOMAYA of London is also the inspiration of a savvy and elegant woman. Her name is Yael Mejia and she lives by her conscience with all the color and flair of a truly entrepreneurial chocolate aficionado. Above all, she adamantly adheres to her beliefs in fair trade, pure ingredients and the concept of eco-responsibility.

High quality Valrhona and Michel Cluizel South American couvertures are used as the basis for many of their creations.  Great attention is paid to detail throughout the store and the chocolates themselves really are brilliantly designed.

Master Chocolatier Jonathan Deddis' enthusiasm for the art is apparent in his innovative combinations of technique, decoration and color. COCOMAYA's zealous quest for unusual textural contrasts and authentic flavors really impresses us.

Can't wait for our next visit to the fine people & luxurious chocolates of COCOMAYA in London.