How to Make Chocolate Without Soy Lecithin

How to Make Chocolate Without Soy Lecithin

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Master Chocolatier Tips: How to make Chocolate without Emulsifier or Soy Lecithin

I understand that you'd like to make chocolates that are without any emulsifier or soy lecithin? This is popular and there are several ways you can achieve this with incredible results. Below are a few recommendations on how I create chocolate without emulsifier or soy lecithin using Santa Barbara Chocolate. I use our  pure chocolate liquor as my base to create these artisan chocolates. Personally I think these are some of the best methods to making custom chocolate as you get a high cocoa solid content, great flavor and a versatile chocolate that is incredibly easy to work with. From my perspective this is our shinning star chocolate.

Making Custom Ganache

1) For ganache: as a chocolate base of 1llb = 3.5 oz Raw Turbinado Sugar + 12.5 oz Pure Cacao + 1 can of condensed milk. Complex and sublime is what I call this ganache - probably my favorite chocolate base around.

Making Custom Truffles

2) For Truffles: I recommend using a thin coat of pure 100% (great marketing angle opportunity) and for the ganache making it sweeter then usual. A simple recipe like 6oz Pure Chocolate Liquor + 10oz Raw Sugar (incredible cost savings opportunity). I have one customer that actually makes honey based centers and coats with our 100%. It tastes divine and is a great way of offering the pure unadulterated taste of chocolate to your customers while still making it very pleasing to their tastes.