Melting Chocolate Solution by Callebaut

18th Dec 2013

One of the world's largest chocolate makers, Callebaut, with corporate offices based in Switzerland and Belgium, is about to introduce a reduced calorie chocolate that does not melt due to heat the way most chocolate melts.

Callebaut's business has expanded into contract manufacturing and this new chocolate has been created specifically for their contract customers. This new chocolate by Callebaut is called Volcano. There has been significant interest in reducing cost of refrigerated hot weather handling of chocolate. Because of the melt point (chocolate with real cocoa butter melts at 98F) it is difficult to transport chocolate in warm weather regions. This innovation will allow companies to introduce chocolate to new hot weather markets including India and China. Callebaut expects skeptical customers will be interested in trying it because of the reduced calorie content.  Callebaut Volcano chocolate will melt due to one's saliva and not to heat (the wetness is what activates the melting process).