Organic Chocolate Chips and Organic Chocolate Wholesale Supply

Organic Chocolate Chips and Organic Chocolate Wholesale Supply

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Organic Chocolate Chips and Organic Chocolate Wholesale Supply

Most of our cacao comes from small family farms in very remote locations where the farmers live one with the land. The farmer's watch the trees carefully because the cacao trees grow naturally, in close proximity to the farmer's home, usually just steps from the door.

But when it comes to organic certification there is a protocol that must be followed. 

This is how it works: An authorized USDA Organic Inspector auditor is required to visit every single remote location where the cacao is grown to test the soil for water run off or pesticide. If there is no inspector to review the cacao fruit in the growing area, the cacao can't be certified organic. 

This is why organic cacao usually comes from larger farms where the farm has complete control of a large area around the cacao trees for irrigation and where they also keep a record of all aspects of growing associated with the cacao trees. 

For example, a cacao tree growing in the middle of the jungle which has never been touched by a human would be thought of as organic by some people. Technically however, if the soil isn't sampled and tested, and there is no audit trail or record of the cacao tree, it can't be called organic or certified organic by the USDA. Everything must be substantiated with paperwork and proof.

Therefore the chocolates you see on our website that are certified organic chocolate and show the USDA logo, fit the above criteria set forth by the audit.