Partnering With Santa Barbara Chocolate

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Partnering With Santa Barbara Chocolate

Our ethos at Santa Barbara Chocolate is to form friendships that last with all our partners. As California’s premiere chocolate company we strive to take all aspects of the good life and translate it into chocolate. We know how important it is to balance beautiful chocolate with a healthy lifestyle which is why we create chocolate that is nothing but pure. We know that our customers want and deserve only the very best service, the very best wholesale prices and sterling service every step of the way.

Handcrafted, Signature Chocolate Every Time

By choosing to partner with Santa Barbara Chocolate we can offer exotic wholesale products delivered with the personal touch of a small family owned business. Our family history was sprouted from the Cacao tree and stretches back to European roots as far as Prague. We are so passionate about chocolate that we have visited every corner of the globe to ensure we find only the best ingredients that go into handcrafting our signature chocolate.

Pure Chocolate Created from Love

Whether you are a connoisseur, a home baker or a master chef – we treat all our partners with the very best care and respect. When opting to work with Santa Barbara Chocolate we promise to deliver the highest quality of chocolate at exceedingly good wholesale prices. Because we care about where our chocolate comes from we strive to make all our products as ethical as possible. With Santa Barbara Chocolate you can enjoy ecological, ethical and completely natural chocolate created with love from the first bean to the final block.