Proud Moments

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Proud Moments

I spent this Saturday looking through some of  Santa Barbara Chocolate's records and reflected on many of the experiences I've had with this company. I have to say I identify with Santa Barbara Chocolate as an individual like a living person, even though it is a business entity. I think what I do more than anything is what many small business people do... that is put my heart and soul into all aspects of the business thereby giving the company a personality with all the positive and fun traits you'd find in a very good friend.

While I was looking at the records I really enjoyed thinking about the more famous clients we have had over the past years. I'm proud to say that  Santa Barbara Chocolate has been enjoyed by guests at two Presidential Inaugural Balls along with many celebrities including Kelsey Grammer, Oprah, Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Nicholson. Our chocolates have also been enjoyed by US Army troops based at Camp Freedom in Iraq (shipping in the summer to Iraq requires very special handling with many chill packs).

One of the most special moments for me personally was when we provided our  bittersweet dark chocolate to the very professional chefs aboard the famous aircraft carrier USS CV67 John F. Kennedy. Our Santa Barbara Chocolate was used in preparing dessert for dignitaries aboard the John F. Kennedy during the July 4th 2000 International Naval Review by President Bill Clinton. I was informed that one of the most popular desserts made using our chocolate was a dark chocolate fondue served with fresh tropical fruit and butter cookies.

I feel very honored that Santa Barbara Chocolate Co. was chosen for such an illustrious event and enjoyed by the hard working and good people of The US Navy. The future holds many new opportunities and I bet in a few years from now I will spend a Saturday just like I did today. Thank you for making it so much fun.