Safe Trade Chocolate

Safe Trade Chocolate

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Safe Trade Chocolate

We are very proud to announce our Safe Trade Chocolate. It is made for us by one of our brokers and certified partners in the chocolate industry. We are delighted to offer you this exclusive chocolate recipe. Below is the Policy:

Brokers work directly with cacao co-operatives in Ecuador to source the best cocoa beans. A top shelf price is paid for the cacao to ensure top quality and fair price for the cacao farmer.

Cocoa beans are grown by individual farms throughout the central highland rainforests and sent to Guayaquil, where they are gathered and graded for quality. Depending on the type of cocoa bean and the hue or fermentation level, they are roasted accordingly or not roasted at all to ensure the best possible unique flavor nuances found in these rare cocoa beans.

Ecuador is one of the cradles of cacao with an illustrious history of superior quality cacao including the famous flavor heirloom cocoa bean, Arriba Nacional.

All of our Ethical Trade chocolates are 100% natural and GMO free.