Savory Cacao in Zarautz

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Savory Cacao in Zarautz

World renowned chef Karlos Arguiñano has opened a charming beach front hotel and restaurant just west of San Sebastian, Spain in the lively seaside town of Zarautz. This small hotel named after its founder is located on one of the best beaches for surfing in Spain. Beautifully appointed rooms, incredible food and a world-class beach - the Hotel Karlos Arguiñano has it all.  

Chef Karlos has the expertise and all of his creations are guaranteed to be exquisite. One of his more modest delicacies is are a real treat called pintxos. Pintxos are an assortment of traditional and modern Basque dishes similar to tapas in the rest of Spain. My favorite pintxo was the marinated beef strips in traditional Basque spices, sprinkled with black cocoa atop fresh baked flat bread and served with a side of herb olive oil for dipping. It had a very close flavor to the savory chocolate dish from ancient Oaxaca, Mexico known as mole negro.

Because of their size and variety to choose from, it is common to make a meal of assorted pintxos. It is a lot of fun to sample the different flavors of pintxos with a glass of the sparkling local apple wine.

Being one who appreciates quality food and comfortable places, this has become one of my new favorite vacation spots.