The best chocolate - but how?

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

The best chocolate - but how?

Top quality cocoa beans are required in making the best chocolate ingredients such as chocolate couverture and cocoa powder.

Expertise in cocoa bean sourcing as well as a secure broker infrastructure set up in growing areas, allows  Santa Barbara Chocolate to select the best cocoa beans available.

One country we get cocoa beans from is Hispaniola with many farmers growing cacao. Most of these family farms are very small, about 3 hectares in size. These small family cocoa farms play an important role in the quality level of the finished chocolate.

Family farmers give attention and love to their cocoa trees, along with proper pruning, fermenting and cacao drying which all contributes to top quality cocoa beans. By starting with the best ingredients such as family farm grown cocoa beans Santa Barbara Chocolate is able to make the best chocolate.

Santa Barbara Chocolate works with ethical brokers who buy cocoa beans directly from small family farms.