The Story of WholeFruit Chocolate

The Story of WholeFruit Chocolate

17th Jan 2022

Many people hold chocolate dear to their hearts. Some love the strong flavor of dark chocolate, while others stick to that creamy and milky or white variant.

However, there’s now a new type of chocolate that holds a vast potential to be the next big thing in the industry. Let’s talk about the story of WholeFruit Chocolate and the impact it provides on people.

WholeFruit Chocolate: What is it?

It is common knowledge to all sweet-lovers that chocolates are made from processed cacao seeds. However, many don’t realize that most of the cacao fruit ends up as trash. Underutilized ingredients from cacao pods are common and usually make up around 70% of the whole fruit.

With the recent innovative discovery of WholeFruit Chocolate, that number significantly dropped. That means this chocolate’s manufacturing process is several times more efficient and eco-friendly than its regular variant. On top of that, instead of using regular sugar, such as refined, unrefined, cane, or other forms of traditional sweeteners, WholeFruit Chocolates utilize sugar made from cacao itself.

With those changes in the manufacturing process, WholeFruit Chocolate has achieved what regular chocolate processes can’t - creating chocolates made from 100% cacao components with minimal waste production. As another potential turning point for the industry, this might become a better option for vegans since added animal products are now out of the equation.

Why WholeFruit Chocolate?

Health consideration now plays a significant role in our modern society. Most people are more conscious about their food intake and the kind of food nourishment they’ll get. That’s why many products you’ll see in the market claim they are healthier than the rest of their competition.

In the case of WholeFruit Chocolate, the product itself is made from 100% natural ingredients, which means it has a stronger case for the claim of a healthier version of dark chocolate. For the longest time, people claimed that dark chocolates are the healthiest chocolate variant in the market. Let’s take a look at why you should eat dark and WholeFruit Chocolates.

  • Packed with nutrients
  • Good source of antioxidants
  • Improves blood flow and regulate blood pressure
  • Reduces risks of heart disease
  • Has the potential to improve brain activity

Packed with Nutrients

Cocoa products are known for being a high source of nutrients, essential minerals, and soluble fiber. The fatty acid present in cocoa products could keep your heart healthy.

Good Source of Antioxidants

Studies in a controlled environment show that unprocessed cocoa beans are a source of antioxidants. In fact, the results suggest that it is ranked in the top bracket of food in this category.

Improves Blood Flow and Regulate Blood Pressure

Several studies surfaced in the last couple of years suggest that dark chocolates and other cocoa products have the potential to improve blood pressure and blood circulation. Though, research and studies are still required to solidify this claim.

Reduces Risks of Heart Disease

Dark chocolate and other related cacao products show positive signs against bad cholesterol levels. It might potentially reduce the risks of heart disease and other related conditions in the long run.

Improves Brain Activity

With the potential of improving circulation, it might also pave the way for bringing a rich oxygen supply to your brain. On top of that, evidence suggests cocoa products might positively affect cognitive functions.

These potential health benefits are not explicitly tied with dark chocolate; the same might be said of WholeFruit Chocolate products, considering it is made from 100% cacao pods. Other people might say it could be the best variant of chocolate out there.

If you’re looking for a sweetener alternative, WholeFruit Chocolates might be for you. Instead of regular sugar selection common in a typical chocolate recipe, this new line uses sugar made from cacao itself. However, you have to remember that WholeFruit Chocolate is still not considered sugar-free unless stated otherwise.

How to Choose WholeFruit Chocolate

WholeFruit Chocolate is a new addition to the famous chocolate lineup. However, nobody can deny the potential share it could give to the industry. This new type of chocolate is considered all-natural, a single ingredient source, and an organic masterpiece that provides sustainability for its raw material.

If you like to find out what WholeFruit Chocolate tastes like, your best bet would be a fancy restaurant or a classy cafe. For a WholeFruit Chocolate experience at home, your best bet is a trusted store where you could get quality WholeFruit Chocolate at a very competitive price.

Whole Fruit Cocoa's Benefits for The Environment

WholeFruit Cocoa products significantly changed the landscape of cacao farming and manufacturing. At first, more than half of the cacao pods were thrown away and deemed useless for manufacturing ingredients. That also means more cacao fruits are needed to make up for a fixed amount of chocolate products.

With everything utilized up to the last drop, Whole Fruit chocolate production shows a healthy and positive trend. With the efficiency up a couple of notches, cocoa products yield more quality merchandise. Get yourselves a cacao fruit chocolate for a change and see what nature has to offer.

Conclusion: Why WholeFruit Is The Best Dark Chocolate Experience Possible

Organic chocolate chips naturally sweetened with coco sugar instead of regular cane sugar.

Without a doubt, dark chocolate has its fair share of health benefits. However, WholeFruit cocoa products might soon get the top spot. On top of the health gain you get, you’re also cutting out the overall footprint involved in the regular cacao production process. That alone is a massive win for WholeFruit products.

The steady rise of health and environmental awareness might also play a significant role in the possible takeover of the WholeFruit line. Who knows what other innovative ideas might present themselves in the future? Are you ready to give WholeFruit chocolates a try? If that’s the case, it might be the right time to visit Santa Barbara Chocolates and grab the newest innovation in great-tasting eco-friendly chocolate.