Top Five Chocolate Desserts for Dinner

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Five Best Ever Chocolate Desserts

For many people dessert is the very best part of dinner and what better way to indulge your taste buds then opting for a chocolate inspired sweet to finish your meal. Chocolate desserts have always been hailed as everybody’s favorite and it’s no wonder as to why. Chocolate is so versatile and so easy to work with that you can create just about anything, from melt in the mouth chocolate fudge to rich and delicious chocolate cake, truffle flavored chocolate ice cream and even chocolate covered fruit! However when working with chocolate in the kitchen you need to make sure you choose only the very best ingredients to add a real pizzazz to your dish. As a dessert fanatic I always use Santa Barbra Chocolate products. Santa Barbara chocolate is not only pure in taste and essence but it is super easy to work with and designed for creative chefs to play with.

To keep your senses salivating take a look at some of these top ideas for the best chocolate desserts ever!

White Chocolate Cheesecake

Being a cheesecake addict I always select this as a dessert whenever I spot it on a menu. The last few months I have been making this at home and I must say it is divine. Cheesecake is so simple to make that you cannot go wrong. Replace the biscuit base with crumbled brownies, use Santa Barbara white chocolate for the base and top with bright and zesty raspberries for a dessert worth dying for.

Hot Fudge Chocolate Brownie

This old classic has played a starring role in dessert menus for decades because chocolate brownies never go out of style! There’s something dreamy about the rich, gooey, stick to the roof of your mouth brownies that keeps us coming back for more. You can make your chocolate fudge brownies even gooier when you choose Santa Barbara’s dark chocolate chips. Why not serve straight from the oven with a generous dollop of cream or even some fragrant Madagascan vanilla ice-cream!

Homemade Chocolate Ice-cream

Everyone loves ice-cream and the beauty of making it at home is that you get to experiment with all kinds of flavors. From chocolate truffle ice cream to chocolate chunk ice cream you can even select your favorite chocolate candy bars and chop them up to go in the mix. Homemade ice cream is very different to store bought and you can make it luxurious by choosing the highest quality ingredients, think Santa Barbara organic chocolate and thick jersey style double cream.

Chocolate and Whiskey Cake

For the birthday boy or girl who is getting a little old for candles why not whip up this naughty but nice chocolate and whisky cake. Keep the cake moist by adding oil instead of butter and be generous with a splash of whiskey to really bring out the flavor in this cake.

Chocolates Chip Cookies

Not exactly a dessert but more a sneaky little treat, chocolate chip cookies are heaven sent and you should always have a freshly baked batch at home. You can be adventurous with your choc chip cookies by throwing in handfuls of dry fruit, nuts, white chocolatedark chocolate and just about anything else you can imagine. I love gooey and soft choc chip cookies made with Santa Barbara’s dark chocolate chips, pomegranates and oats for a little extra chew.