Unsweetened Chocolate and Flavanols

Unsweetened Chocolate and Flavanols

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Unsweetened Chocolate and Flavanols

Our  unsweetened chocolate 100% pure cacao is a chocolate liquor. We use the 100 as a reference scale of bitter taste and 100 is the most bitter while a 64 for example would not be as bitter in taste. Unsweetened chocolate is the most bitter to eat because there is no added sugar.

We have several customers that eat our 100 chocolate liquor because they are interested in introducing a very dark cocoa solid chocolate into their diet. Here in the office we eat it daily for several reasons and we all enjoy it.

As far as ORAC or flavanol count, we can't accurately answer questions regarding levels as we do not test for these values in our chocolate. 

Our couverture chocolates are classified as chocolate foods and not supplements; therefore, we do not advise on the perceived level of flavanols or potential health claims because of the legal established FDA guidelines (please see FDA Code of regulation 163.111 regarding chocolate liquor definition in the link below). There is also great information in the FDA chapters regarding health claims (see the second link below). We encourage everyone to understand food definitions as set by the FDA so that you can be an informed consumer and not fall prey to unethical advertising claims.

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