Vietnam Dark Chocolate Summer Iced Drink Recipe

Vietnam Dark Chocolate Summer Iced Drink Recipe

Posted by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 26th Apr 2021

This is an easy chocolate drink recipe that captures the exotic taste of Vietnam. 

With no extra added sugar this is a delightfully tasty way to enjoy a summertime chocolate specialty drink that captures the flavor of the exotic South East Asian jungle. Easy to make, fast preparation chocolate drink this captures the taste of Vietnam chocolate and cuisine in a wonderful healthier dessert.

Add all ingredients to a blender in this order:

1 frozen peeled banana

half handful of roasted cashew nuts

small handful of exotic Dark Chocolate 72%

small handful ice

pour over ingredients cold rice milk (cashew milk is great too) just so ingredients are slightly submerged

BLENDER to a smooth frothy drink and serve.

*To make the drink more ice cream style add more frozen banana and reduce the amount of rice milk.