What is Cacao Fruit Chocolate and Why You Should be Eating it

What is Cacao Fruit Chocolate and Why You Should be Eating it

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Why you should eat Cacao Fruit Chocolate?

Dark chocolates always hold a special place in everyone’s heart. The perfect blend of sweetness with a faint bitterness provides a sense of joy and excitement in every bite. Now, raise your healthy sweet tooth experience to another notch, thanks to the rise of whole cacao fruit chocolate.

Cacao fruit chocolate is healthier, interesting with exotic flavors and sustainable for the good of the environment. 

The complex and meticulous process of gourmet chocolate making just got even better. A new chocolate innovation of whole cacao fruit chocolates that are lower glycemic but taste sweet. This new chocolate is made from the single ingredient of cacao and is completely eco friendly. 

What exactly is whole fruit chocolate? How does this innovative chocolate compare to regular chocolate?


What is Whole Cacao Fruit Chocolate?

Traditional chocolates follow certain practices to process raw cocoa fruit into sweet treats that we all love. However, a large portion of the cacao fruit aren’t fully utilized and are usually discarded. For the most part, the whole process leaves 70% of the fruit ito waste.

Upcycling whole cacao fruit  and making it into chocolate provides a significant change in the industry’s manufacturing process. Instead of utilizing only 30% of the cocoa pod, it is upcycled using the whole potential of the fruit in making chocolate.

Whole Fruit Chocolate and Regular Chocolate Ingredients

Typical chocolates are usually made of from the ground cocoa bean. This presents the distinct flavor and aroma of the chocolate we all know. While cocoa covers the majority of its ingredients, other components in the mix can make chocolate tastier and more appealing to people (i.e. cane sugar or milk).

One building block of a typical chocolate recipe is sugar. There are many types of sugars to choose from, such as refined, unrefined, cane, and coconut sugar. Milk, vanilla, and an emulsifier are also sometimes added to the mix to make traditional chocolate.

However, that traditional mix creates a barrier between the product and modern eco aware consumers that prioritize fewer sugar options in their diet. The wasted portion of the cacao fruit also sparks interest from those who support sustainability and environmentally-friendly products that are healthy and upcycled (upcycling is the process of using normal discarded parts of food to make a healthier new food - like this chocolate utilizing all parts of the cacao pod.).

In contrast to regular chocolate, whole cacao fruit chocolate removes the foreign ingredients found in your typical chocolate recipe. It only uses the ingredients of the cacao fruit, which gives a new meaning to the phrase “made from 100% cacao.”

The whole cacao fruit, including the beans, pulp, cascara (peel), and juice, undergo special mixing. This entire process results in a new range of high-quality chocolate that serves as a sustainable organic and pure alternative to typical ingredients found in regular chocolate.

This innovation paved the way for a new and sustainable manufacturing process for chocolate as well. There is some analysis that suggests whole cacao fruit chocolates are healthier compared to the typical types. That’s somewhat because of the absence of animal products in its list of ingredients making it a viable option for vegans but also the use of the antioxidant rich cacao pulp.

How to Find and Buy Whole Cacao Fruit Chocolate

The new whole cacao chocolates recently have arrived on the market, and you might find it hard to get one at your local store. Even famous chocolate and confectionery stores might not carry whole cacao fruit chocolate because it is so new. If you’re interested in tasting this new type of eco friendly chocolate, Santa Barbara Chocolate has this innovation.

Conclusion and Takeaway

With the steady rise of health and environmental awareness, people now look for alternative products that satisfy sustainability and wellness goals. The same goes for everyone who loves chocolates, and that is the main driving force for the innovative creation of whole fruit chocolate. Thanks to the excellent utilization of cacao seeds and the cacao pod, there is an earth-friendly smart chocolate choice!