Where can I find chocolate favors online?

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Home Holiday: How Chocolate Favors Can Make Life a Vacation

It’s the details that make a vacation, and finding a scrumptious truffle or two on your hotel pillow can be the thing that tips your trip meter over to the thrilled side. Now that you are back at home, recreating that happy buzz may seem unlikely. But if you know where to look, you can purchase delicious, adorably packaged chocolates just like the ones you found in your hotel room. VanZeek has an incredible collection of hotel-style chocolates that can make every day a vacation.

PS: Santa Barbara Chocolate do not sell truffles, bars and single truffles anymore, those got replaced by our Chocolate Gift Boxes.

There are tons of uses for hotel-style, conveniently packaged goodies:

Mini Truffle Boxes: Recreate the Hotel Vibe:

What better way to surprise your spouse or kids than to make their beds and leave a  mini box of truffles waiting? Better yet, leave one on your own bed in the morning and enjoy the treat when you get home from work.

Gourmet Bars: Enjoy On The Go:

Our Gourmet chocolate bars are made with only the finest grade chocolate, and brands like the Santa Barbara Chocolate Company package theirs in beautiful artwork-covered wrappers perfect for lifting your mood. Share one with someone special at a movie, at an outdoor festival, or just about anywhere else for double the fun.

Single Truffles: Make Someone’s Day:

It’s amazing how much the smallest things can change someone’s mood. If a coworker has recently gone out of their way to help you or is going through a hard time, leaving a yummy truffle on their desk may be just the thing. VanZeek has a great  collection of loose truffles in different styles and flavors.