Certified Pareve Kosher Chocolate

Why is Certified Kosher chocolate better? 

Santa Barbara Chocolate's Kosher chocolate is better because it means our chocolates have passed inspections of quality and standards by third party auditors above and beyond the USDA and FDA inspectors.  Under Kosher supervision there is strict quality control every step of the way from cocoa bean to chocolate.  Inspections include review of water supply, possible cross contamination and even the humane nature of aspects associated with milk production for milk chocolate and whiate chocolate.  The auditing process looks at all aspects that make up the supply chain management of raw cacao and chocolate production.  Did you know Kosher certification even looks at things like the sugar used in the chocolate and how it was produced from raw cane to raw sugar. Kosher auditors review the filtration process of the raw sugar also.  Kosher certification also looks at the food safety as a whole and is one further way to ensure clean, quality and safe chocolate.

What is Santa Barbara Chocolate Pareve Certified Chocolate? Pareve chocolate is a further additional audit of supply and chocolate ingredients within Kosher chocolate certification. Pareve means neutral. This means the chocolate is suitable for certain dietary restrictions and religious holiday guidelines. Pareve chocolate is always Kosher while Kosher chocolate is not always Pareve.

We are proud to be a Kosher Chocolate Supplier

Kashrut is the religious aspect of Jewish law that governs how food is prepared, handled and eaten. The food that meets the Kashrut requirements is called Kosher. Kosher dietary guidelines are followed during Jewish religious holidays and sometimes all year long. Kosher food preparation is very strict. Santa Barbara Chocolate embraces Kashrut and Kosher standards of cleanliness and food safety. We strive to ensure the highest quality of chocolate that meets the strictest of standards in food safety and transparency.  We are delighted to be a Kosher chocolate company that offers a range of chocolates with some being certified the stricter Pareve standard.