Rainforest Bulk Cocoa Powder

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Is Baking Cocoa the same as cocoa powder? Yes.

Baking cocoa is the same as Natural Process cocoa powder, but designated baking cocoa due to the strong fudge like flavor perfect for dessert and baking recipes.
Baking Cocoa and cocoa powder being the same, is unsweetened organic chocolate liquor that has been pressed to remove the cocoa butter fat. In fact, up to 90% of the cocoa butter fat is pressed out of our Rainforest Baking Cocoa. After the cocoa butter is pressed out, a very dense and hard low fat chocolate disc called a cocoa cake remains. The cocoa cake is then ground up to produce our Rainforest Baking Cocoa which is a cocoa powder.  

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Santa Barbara Bulk Cocoa Powder for baking is 100% organic cocoa solids, ground up to produce a powder.  We have not added any lecithin.
Rainforest Bulk Cocoa Powder Ingredient: Organic Cocoa Powder.
Color: Teak,   Flavor: Cocoa Fudge

The Pure Hot Chocolate Experience

Unsweetened Hot Chocolate made from this organic cacao powder. Make an original Aztec recipe with water, cinnamon, chili and honey. Or just add to hot milk and sweeten as you like to make thick, creamy hot chocolate the delicious European way. Chocolate is actually based on the Meso American word Xocolaltl (shoko' lot-all) which is an onomatopoeia (word that sounds like the meaning) of making the chocolate drink. Xoco (means bitter but also sounds like the frothing of the chocolate drink using a molinillo) and latl (means water but also sounds like pouring water from an earthenware vase or olla pot). So the word chocolate is based on the words the Aztecs used for making their glorious hot chocolate.
How To Make Hot Chocolate with Cocoa Powder
California style hot cocoa recipe: Whisk 4 Heaping Tablespoons Hot Chocolate with 8 ounces of hot almond milk and 2 Tablespoon honey. Whisk to homogenize with liquid and froth. Our gourmet hot chocolate is unsweetened and made from extra dark cacao. It has a light red hue when frothed due to the cocoa bean type. Ingredient: Organic CocoaMade from exotic cacao we have sourced Ethical Trade.
Hot chocolate options:
Our unsweetened dark hot chocolate is made from pure ground cacao solid chocolate with no sugar - make a slurry and then flavor with honey and spice. Serve frothy by whisking or shaking. It can be stored in the refrigerator once made (shake till frothy and pour).
We recommend using a mix of 1:1 cacao powder to raw brown sugar. Use a mix of 3 TBSP per 4 oz of milk. Serve frothy. It will take mixing to get the powder to suspend in the milk (this is due to raw cocoa butter). It tastes wonderful and is a real delight.


California Chupacabras

Cacao Powder is the same as Cocoa Powder.

Both are common names for the concentrated powder made from cold pressing cacao nibs extracting raw cocoa butter and leaving a low fat brown fiber cake that is ground into powder. This powder is known under FDA terminology as natural process cocoa and in the gourmet chocolate world as Cacao Powder. The powder is a concentrated food made exclusively from the seeds of the cocoa tree. it is sugar free, vegan and has a strong flavor due to the alkaloids and antioxidant value.Santa Barbara Chocolate Cacao Powder is Natural Process (meaning it is not alkalized and is just pressed cacao nibs ground to a powder). The cacao benefits include no extra processing, 100% organic, Fine Superior cacao flavor and low fat but still full of all the healthy nutrition you would expect from a raw superfood.Flavor profile: Fine Flavor Cocoa is floral and bitter dark with prominent chocolate notes, mild fruitiness and slight acidity.
Rainforest Bulk Cocoa Powder is a brown organic cocoa powder with reddish brown tones. It is popular for dessert preparation and chocolate milk because it mixes easily and has a robust fudge flavor. This cocoa is a low acid cocoa powder with no fruit flavor notes. The flavor profile can be compared to chocolate fudge or dark chocolate brownie. This is an excellent quality cocoa.

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