Chocolate Yogurt Parfait Crumble Recipe

Yield: 24 portions in 3 – 4 oz glasses/dishes



Fresh berries:

4 qt


8 cups

Onyx (melted to 110°F):

4 oz

Heavy cream, very cold:

2 qt

Whipped cream stabilizer:

2 tbsp

Superfine sugar:

2 tbsp

Low fat or non fat greek yogurt:

16 oz


  •     Place granola in large mixing bowl.
  •     Drizzle with melted Onyx.
  •     Toss granola to coat lightly.
  •     Spread coated granola on sheet pan to set.
  •     Keep refrigerated until use.
  •     Warm 4 oz of heavy cream to 180°F. Whisk in whipped cream stabilizer gently until dissolved. Whisk in sugar until dissolved.
  •     Fold in whipped heavy cream.
  •     Pour remainder of cold heavy cream into mixer bowl. With whisk attachment on low speed, pour in the warmed cream and stabilizer.
  •     Increase speed to medium until thickened, and then increase speed and whip until soft peaks form. Gently fold in yogurt by hand with rubber spatula until incorporated.

Directions for Assembly

  •     Spoon Onyx coated granola into bottom of dessert glass for ¼” layer.
  •     Pour/pipe on ½” yogurt mousse layer.
  •     Add another Onyx coated granola layer.
  •     Pour/pipe another ½” yogurt mousse layer.
  •     Top with fresh berries.
  •     Keep refrigerated until service.

*Onyx coated granola layer can be used with ice cream.