Crispy Onyx Fruit Recipe

Yield: 16 – 20 (3” x 1.5”) pieces of fruit (1/2 small bananas, 1/8 apple wedges, 1/6 pear wedges)




10 oz

Crispy Crepe Crunchies:

3 oz


  •     Melt Onyx to 110°F.
  •     Dip frozen skewered ½ banana/cheesecake slice or ball/ice cream ball into mixture to coat evenly.
  •     Dip chocolate covered fruit in Crispy Crepe Crunchies.
  •     Place on parchment paper or freezer paper lined sheet pans.
  •     Store chilled or frozen, as appropriate.

*Serving tip: Crispy coated fruit makes a great base for an ice cream split or sundae.