How Long will Chocolate last?

How long can I store my chocolate?


The solid chocolate couvertures are best stored tightly sealed in a cool dry location.


Our couverture chocolates are low moisture and technically if not moisturized will have a near indefinite life because there is nothing to spoil as an ingredient, but we place best by dates to be safe. The best by date is listed as 2 years from production date on solid chocolate products.
We recommend against freezing for storage, mostly because when you freeze and then remove chocolate from the freezer the chocolate could humidify.  If it humidifies it could end up looking different or the texture could change.  If you are okay with this appearance shift and if this happens, freezing is safe and we have some customers that always store in the freezer. Make sure the chocolate is very tightly sealed so it does not humidify and absorb moisture.
You can store solid chocolate very tightly sealed with no air in the package, freeze and then remove from freezer when you want it and allow the package to reach full room temperature before opening - this could prevent humidity from forming. So this is an option also.


It depends on which chocolate you are talking about but in general, when your chocolate is stored at 60F and 50% humidity:

solid chocolate 1) Dark Chocolate such as couvertures or bars: 1 year
bulk-chocolates.jpg 2) California Collection of fruits, nuts, caramel, toffee and butter creams: 6 months
hot-chocolate-truffles.jpeg 3) Truffles4 months
santa-barbara-chocolates 4) Truffles in 75 piece packs4 weeks