Organic Dark Chocolate with Coconut Palm Sugar Sweetened

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Organic Dark Chocolate | Coconut Palm Sugar Sweetened 

This organic dark chocolate is not only full of flavor, but it might actually be good for your body! Too many so-called “chocolate” products are unsuitable for consumption by athletes or people following certain diets, due to the amounts of sugar used to create them. 

Santa Barbara’s organic dark chocolate sweetened with coconut palm sugar is a great sugar alternative option. 

  • Coconut palm sugar is considered to be the best alternative to regular cane sugar by whole food experts

  • The perfectly balanced ratio of cocoa solids, coconut sugar and cocoa butter will satisfy your cravings 

  • You can eat these chocolate chips as they come, or use them to whip up a wide variety of desserts, from cakes and pastry tarts all the way to hot cocoa beverages! 

Our organic dark chocolate chips sweetened with coconut palm sugar are also potentially diet-friendly. If you follow any of the diets that have been heavily popularized recently, then you know how important it is to watch yourself when it comes to your sweet, guilty pleasures. These organic chocolate chips take the “guilty” out of the equation, leaving pure, uninterrupted pleasure! They’re perfectly compatible with: 

  • Keto diet

  • Paleo diet 

  • Gluten-free diet

Additional Information

Organic chocolate with 70% cacao, no added soy and sweetened with coconut palm sugar. Paleo diet recommended. Preferred over sugar free chocolate because it has organic coconut sugar sweetness.

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