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Organic Chocolate Chips 70% cacao sweetened with Coconut Sugar

Coco Blossom sweetened Organic Chocolate Chips, with no added soy, are considered by athletes a more clean type of chocolate because they are organic and sweetened with raw coconut sugar. Certified organic and made with raw chocolate ingredients makes these chocolate chips the best you have ever tasted.

Paleo Diet Choice

Looking for a chocolate alternative made with a coco flower sweetener instead of the usual sweeteners? Look no further. We are proud to present to you our very special Organic Chocolate Chips. Coconut sugar is considered by whole food gurus a great alternative to regular sugar. Our coconut sugar chocolate is a great chocolate alternative in place of the typical sugar free chocolate. These organic chocolate chips are sweet tasting and have a combination of pleasantly balanced ratio of cocoa solids, cocoa butter and coco sugar.

Possible Alternative to Sugar Free Chocolate

Santa Barbara Organic Dark Chocolate chips are sweetened with a touch of raw coconut sugar in place of regular cane sugar which offers natural food enthusiasts a new type of chocolate option. Fitness instructors tell us this is an organic chocolate that fits their diet needs because it is considered as having a lower glycemic index than a chocolate of like kind sweetened with sugar (this is due to the fructose concentration in the coco sugar and this is why paleo eaters call this the best tasting chocolate that is not completely sugar free).  With dark cocoa solids we discovered our Coco Blossom Chocolate can be a part of a daily chocolate diet and enjoyed by sugar aware individuals looking for options. Many prefer the flavor of raw coconut sugar to sugar free chocolate options.


Coconut Sugar Sweetened

Coco Blossom Organic Dark Chocolate by Santa Barbara Chocolate is a special chocolate because it is an organic chocolate with dark cocoa solids and is sweetened with a sugar alternative that comes from the coconut palm. This chocolate chip is sweetened with coconut sugar instead of maltitol because coconut sugar is great tasting and a great cane sugar alternative. Sugar sensitive individuals looking for chocolate options will prefer our chocolate for flavor because the taste is outstanding. Most sugar substitutes like maltitol (which is used in most sugar free chocolates) can make the chocolate taste artificial. Maltitol (unlike coconut sugar which we use) can have some discomforting issues on one's tummy. Coconut sugar has a clean sweetness that is easy to digest and enhances the organic chocolate's natural cocoa flavor.  Because our chocolate has dark cocoa solids, it has the part of the cocoa bean (the cocoa fiber) that all the researchers are talking about when they say dark chocolate is the chocolate to eat. The fact we make this chocolate using premium cocoa beans really sets ours apart as a gourmet chocolate. So if you want a paleo diet approved sugar dark chocolate, made to organic standards, with easy to digest ingredients that you'll recognize... Santa Barbara Chocolate is the chocolate supplier for you.


How coconut sugar is made?

Coconut sugar, which is also known as coconut palm sugar, is made from the sap of the coconut palm. The coconut palm sap is the sweet circulating fluid of the coconut tree. A cut is made in the flower of the coconut palm and the liquid sap is extracted. The sap is then dehydrated and spun to make crystals. Coconut sugar provides the same number of calories and carbohydrates as regular cane sugar. Coconut sugar has a caramel color with a taste that is similar to that of brown sugar. It can be swapped in sweet delicacies and regular baking recipes in place of white sugar to make new exciting versions.

Coconut Sugar Sweetener

Coconut sugar is gaining popularity as a sweetener in everything, be it coffee and tea or baking and cooking. This brown coco sugar works like regular table sugar but since its manufacturing process is basic, it is a great organic sweetener compared to white sugar. Coconut sugar seems to have the edge over refined, synthetic and artificial sweeteners. This is why we use it as a sweetener in our organic chocolate chips. Please try it and see if you prefer the flavor to sugar free chocolate.


Coconut Blossoms


Please keep in mind our Coco Blossom Chocolate can be used in all types of recipes. Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies or Raw Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars will be the best you've ever had using this chocolate as your secret ingredient. Once you taste chocolate chips made without refined cane sugars, you'll see why it is popular with athletes and bodybuilders. 

In moderation this can be a chocolate ingredient that fits a healthy lifestyle. Have you considered making Paleo Hot Chocolate? It is an easy recipe and this is one of our best paleo chocolate recipes.

Paleo Hot Chocolate Recipe

  • 4 oz Organic Chocolate Chips Coco Blossom Sweetened
  • 6 oz Fresh Water
  • Heat and whisk till frothy and rich
  • Serve hot or cold - shake or whisk, always serve frothy, top with cinnamon spice for chromium nutrients or red chili for fat burning


Different then sugar free chocolate, this is a traditional chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar.

Organic chocolate with 70% cacao, no added soy and sweetened with coconut palm sugar. Paleo diet recommended. Preferred over sugar free chocolate because it has organic coconut sugar sweetness.

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