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Belgian Bulk Dark Chocolate Couverture has a flavor that is smooth and easy to eat. We call it King of the Belgians.

The King of the Belgians dark chocolate couverture is our custom recipe. The roast of the cacao is dominant. Similar to a dark roast coffee our wholesale Belgian chocolate is the fresh flavor of dark chocolate known only in Europe until now.


Try King of the Belgians dark chocolate couvertures and see why we are the chocolate supplier to luxury resorts world wide. This special recipe made for us in an artisan chocolate factory is better flavor than any Belgian dark chocolate you've ever had.  The secret why this chocolate is so spectacular is in the ingredients we have chosen for the recipe and the Belgian tradition of chocolate making.  Premium grade AA Ethical Trade cacao is slow roasted and conched 48 hours to a smooth texture of 32 microns. Tahitian vanilla and sugar cane are mixed with the cocoa mass.  The result is classic Belgian chocolate flavor but of superior quality and experience: smooth and light rounded cocoa mild nuances of fudge, floral and cinnamon. 


 So What Makes Our Belgian Chocolate Special?

We opted to use very fine cacao rainforest grown for this chocolate recipe. The special cacao used in making this chocolate was traded on the London Stock Exchange where the cocoa futures market brings a premium price because of the renowned quality. Our King of the Belgians dark chocolate recipe is a blended couverture chocolate, fluid and easy to use.

King of the Belgians Dark Chocolate Couverture Ingredients: Unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (emulsifier) and vanilla extract.

Through a selection of rare cacao and how we mix and roast the combination of cacaos we have been able to produce a unique experiences for you to try. The subtle nuances of the floral cocoa is not lost in the roast of the cacao however. This is the mastery in proper cocoa bean blending. This exquisite extra dark chocolate is for those wanting a rich chocolate with subtle floral and fruit nuances as the melt releases. The cacao's deep roast as nibs is what creates this wonderful chocolate experience.

Why is Belgium so Renowned for Chocolate Making?

With the ready availability of dark chocolate and candy in the United States especially, it is easy to forget that chocolate making and chocolate tempering were once considered distinct art forms, even during the early 20th Century.

Of course, with Switzerland and Belgium still considered to epitomize the pièce de résistance of chocolate making, many people do realize that there are still different levels of quality of chocolate available on world markets. The only question is, what makes the Belgian chocolate in particular so special?

Belgian Pralines & the rise of Artisan Chocolate Making 

Referred to as the elixir of life by the Aztecs and several other tribes indigenous to South America, chocolate tempering and drinking was first stumbled upon by Spanish conquistadores who arrived in South America in the middle ages. Realizing that the cocoa bean had potentially phenomenal market worth back in Europe, the same conquistadores returned with the bean and a basic recipe for sweetening and making cocoa itself drinkable.

Quickly becoming popular among Europe's nobility, the Dutch quickly monopolized the cocoa bean import market and by the late 19th Century, neighboring Belgium had already become synonymous with artisan chocolate making. In fact, chocolate making in Belgium first became widely regarded in 1912, with the then invention of the Belgian Praline.

The Praline Vs The Praliné

While the humble praliné had existed for centuries already as a paste-like filling and confectionary item made out of ground nuts, it was the Belgians who first gave the world the praline and filled chocolates as we know them today, by including tempered chocolate into the recipe. 

Of course, the history of Belgian chocolate making doesn’t itself explain why Belgian chocolate is itself so prized and altogether distinctive. To understand this, one needs to understand the Belgian chocolate making and chocolate tempering process. 

Artisan Chocolate Making Vs Industrial Chocolate Making 

When the Belgian Praline was first invented, each filled chocolate was created by hand by master chocolatiers. Much more importantly, then like now, each chocolate would contain a minimum of 43% cocoa as opposed to just 20% else where in the world. However, Belgian chocolate making isn’t just about using higher amounts of cocoa. Instead, Belgian chocolate masters use specific blending techniques coupled with a chocolate tempering technique which will often see melted chocolate applied to a cool marble surface as it is worked with.    

Of course, you might not be able to go about chocolate tempering at home on such a surface. The good news, however, is that with high-quality ready-made Belgian chocolate flavor now widely available, it’s easier than ever for chocolate lovers to create their very own styled Belgian pralines and bespoke chocolate assortments, right in the comfort of their own homes. 

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Belgian Dark Chocolate Couverture which we call The King of the Belgians is the best tasting gourmet style Belgian chocolate available. Perfect for all chocolate candy making or eat it straight from the bag and enjoy the flavor. This is the highest quality dark chocolate made using the traditional techniques of Belgian chocolate masters.

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