Cocoa Butter and Saturated Fat in Chocolate

Cocoa Butter and Saturated Fat in Chocolate

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 11th Apr 2020

Cocoa Butter and Saturated Fat in Chocolate

We sincerely appreciate your business and want to do our best to ensure you understand our chocolates. Our hope is that you will be a happy customer who spreads the word and promotes what we do. Our business is based on happy customers who buy from us multiple times.

So, what is the amount of saturated fat in bulk wholesale unsweetened baking chocolate made from 100% cacao. Click Here to see 100%.

The saturated fat in 100% cacao unsweetened chocolate is from the natural cocoa butter in the cocoa seed. This isn't added, but rather a natural part of chocolate. Cocoa beans run about 50% cocoa butter - hence the fat. Please see the specification sheet on our  100% cacao chocolate below. The sample serving shown is for 100 grams which is the same as 3.5 oz. This is what the normal amount you would likely use in a recipe for baking dark chocolate brownies or a fudge recipe. It is about the volume / size of a large flat candy bar.

Understanding Saturated Fat in Cocoa Butter

The saturated fat in cocoa butter is made up of stearic acid and palmitic acid. Oleic acid is the monounsaturated fat in cocoa butter.

Stearic acid is more then half of the total saturated fat content of cocoa butter. We would encourage you to study this fatty acid as compared to other fats and what you find will be very enlightening.

Please look at the USDA studies on stearic acid as compared to other saturated fats:

Food Moderation, Educated Decisions and Eating Healthy

Educated decision making is the way to go. Chocolate is a food that is calorie dense and should be enjoyed in moderation. Chocolate and cacao is a part of our daily diets here in the office. That being said we have some very health minded people in our office.  Like Todd in our office for example. He's the manager of our operations in Ventura and within his fitness routine he has found ways to incorporate chocolate and cacao responsibly. Todd is the fitness guy modeling our logo shirt. Click here.

Another option to consider when looking at high cacao content and 100% cocoa solids is our Rainforest Red Cocoa Powder. Our Red Cocoa Powder by comparison to our unsweetened chocolate contains 22% cocoa butter. Here is a link: Red Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Butter and Saturated Fat in Chocolate