Cocoa Butter in Unsweetened Chocolate 100%

Cocoa Butter in Unsweetened Chocolate 100%

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Cocoa Butter For Cooking

Cocoa Mass is the ground cocoa nib (also known as chocolate liquor). Cocoa Mass contains some cocoa butter because cocoa butter is part of the cocoa nib naturally. It is usually 1:1 by natural ratio cocoa butter and cocoa fiber. We do not add cocoa butter to our cocoa mass as most companies do. Other companies add extra cocoa butter 2:1 to lessen the impact of the natural cocoa fiber (the dark part of cocoa nibs) bitterness while still being able to call the cocoa mass 100% (the percentage refers to total cocoa solids which includes cocoa butter as a solid).

If you only want cocoa fiber with the lowest amount of cocoa butter your best option is cocoa powder. But cocoa powder still contains some butter. Cocoa powder is graded based on the amount of butter in it. 22/24 means the cocoa powder has 22-24% cocoa butter.

I've found our cocoa mass as the best option for all recipes and eating when considering all aspects such as flavor, price and user experience. 

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